Wishful Wednesday, 20 October

Wishful Wednesday, 20 October

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Today I wish I could grab a quite unusual book – “Hope in Patience” written by Beth Fehlbaum. The book is unusual because of  its topic – it deals with very serious (and sad) matters happening unfortunately to some young people nowadays. Here is an excellent summary, wrote by Larwal the Librarian (her full review of this book you can find clicking here):

Finally out of her step-father’s house where she suffered through years of sexual abuse at his hands, Ashley is adjusting to life in Patience, Texas. In Patience she has a father, a real father, who wants to protect her, a step-mother who doesn’t see her as “the competition,” a little brother who
will play his video games so loudly that he entire house shakes, and a therapist who refuses to let her wallow in her past. Basically, she has a chance at a normal life. But with the coming trial against her step-father, her own flashbacks, and a seriously misguided rumor mill threatening to drag her down, Ashley may never be able to focus on the “normal” problems she should be worrying about at her age: her last place status on the cross-country team, a group project with one of the most uncooperative group members ever, and whether or not a certain boy can look past everything else going on in Ashley’s life and just like her.

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8 Responses to Wishful Wednesday, 20 October

  1. Blodeuedd says:

    Sounds good, but too sad and emotional for me. But one that should be read none the less

  2. anachronist says:

    Not always good books are these who also entertain – I agree, it is sad, but definitely useful.

  3. Sounds like a worth while read, even if it's a little bit sad.

  4. anachronist says:

    I quite agree, Brooke, thanks for visiting!

  5. Hey, Beth Fehlbaum here!! I'm the author of Hope in Patience. Before you dismiss it as "too sad", etc., please give it a shot. If it were a dreary read, I don't think it would be nominated for a 2011 YALSA Quick Pick for Reluctant Readers! Yes, there are some sad elements, but overall the book is hopeful and actually quite humorous in spots. Give it a try, would ya?! Thanks!Beth Fehlbaum, authorHope in Patience http://www.bethfehlbaumya.com

  6. anachronist says:

    Hello Beth, thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your opinion! I will give it a try for sure!

  7. Thanks for the link!I'll chime in and say that though this is about a rough topic, this is not an overall sad book. It's about recovery rather than abuse, and it has some very funny moments sprinkled in as well!

  8. anachronist says:

    It's about recovery rather than abuse, and it has some very funny moments sprinkled in as well! That's why I decided to feature it – thanks for your comment AND review, Larwal!

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