Wishful Wednesday 12 January

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 Welcome to Wishful Wednesday!

This week my wish is connected with the fact that I might want to buy a cat soon. I am still in two minds about it so I think I need something like this book:

It is entitled The New Encyclopedia of the Cat and the author, Bruce Fogle, is internationally renowned for his expertise in animal behaviour, that’s why I chose this position among plenty others available. He is the author of several books on the behaviour, psychology and history of cats and dog so I expect plenty of interesting information.

 Product description (from Amazon.com):
Revised and updated, this feline guide includes new sections on feline genetics, behaviour in indoor and outdoor cats (including advice on how to deal with bizarre behaviours) and how to train cats. 

By the way if you own a cat, have owned a cat or if you know something about cats’ breeds what cat would you advise me to buy/get? I already have a dog (a lovely yorkshire terrier which adores cats) and unfortunately I live in a flat (so no garden). I know these conditions might be tricky for some cats but still I’ve always wanted to own a little feline…
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5 Responses to Wishful Wednesday 12 January

  1. Yorkie's are so cute!Thanks for participating!!

  2. Blodeuedd says:

    Kitties đŸ˜€ I love them all

  3. anachronist says:

    Brooke it's always a pleasure! Blodeuedd I love them too much for my own good! This pair reminds me an old Etruscan tomb sculpture btw…

  4. Tracy says:

    You don't need a garden – they'll roam over everyone else's gardens anyway!I love cats – but we ended up with ours pretty much on an impulse – an unwanted kitten that a friend was looking after just over Christmas, a little scrap of black fur – we ended up collecting him just before New Year a few years ago, after going to meet him on Christmas Eve.

  5. anachronist says:

    Lovely story Tracy!I've heard that there are cat breeds which by definition don't need as much exercise as normal alley tabbies, that's why I want to read something before purchasing my cat. I wouldn't want to be cruel to an animal.

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