Friday Flash Fiction part THREE

Amy C at Romance Book Wyrm and Dottie atTink’s Place have come up with the idea for a Monday Morning Flash Fiction challenge. Each Monday a new picture prompt will be posted and if you choose to participate – you post your Fiction Flash  on Friday (if you like the button above you can use it, no problem) – 350 words, give or take. Here is the picture posted  last Monday: 

and here is the third part of my story, connected ( more or less vaguely but still) to it:

The battle was long and fierce. Tired soldiers fought with a senseless fury of cornered animals, hacking off arms and legs of anybody around. Their commanders have been going wildly to and fro, urging ceaselessly everybody who could still stand and wield a weapon to carry on till the victorious end. Plenty of maimed people were groaning of pain and dying in puddles of their own blood. Nobody cared. Ravens circled impatiently the whole area, crowing harshly. Heavy clouds hung over the horizon and it started to rain but the carnage continued. Murq came closer, gasping with surprise. One dead soldier caught his eye – maybe because it was a woman with shiny, ginger hair, maybe because her armour was of the finest quality. A raven has already found her immobile body and was sitting on her breastplate, preparing for the feast of death. “Princess…” muttered Murq to himself, unable to keep mum. “That’s why…”. He turned and said loudly:
         Incredible resolution and this sound…just fantastic! Congratulations, master Thorr!
         I told you, my friend, my new 2.0 version would take your breath away.
Another man with long silvery beard and a shock of equally silver curls sat in an armchair. His face was full of joyful satisfaction. He stood up and approached silent Murq who was still musing  in front of a large, square mirror as the battle was coming to an end.
         How much did you say the upgrade might cost?
         For you, Murq, an old friend, a real bargain, just 100 gold dragons. If you recommend it to five other prospective customers and they purchase, you will get additional 5% off . It’s enough they mention you in the ordering form.
         Tell me again what is needed to get this beauty work.
         It is nice and simple – even an old, cross-eyed baboon without one hand would be able to assist you. You send a man to the spot of your interest with a special scrying circle, offered in the product bundle. He or she doesn’t have to know anything about magic, mind you, but of course you can always send your apprentice if you like. The scrying circle is small as it serves only as a transmitter. You set the time of the transmission beforehand on the control  panel right here. It might last from one to twelve hours. Then you press the “standby” button and wait sitting in an comfortable armchair with a cool drink in your hand. As soon as your envoy takes the circle out of its sheath and points it at the chosen scene it starts transmitting image and sound in real time. Your receiver will show you everything and it can be recorded as well so you are able to re-watch it as many times as you wish and show it to whoever you want whenever you need. The maximum recording time is 12 hours – more than enough, taking into account the fact that you can edit the whole material –rearranging, cutting, pasting, you name it.
         So this particular battle…
         …took place about one month ago, rather far away from Nar. More precisely in the mountainous region of Mohar. A skirmish between two ferocious clans. Nothing of importance, apart from the fact that it happened exactly when I needed to perform the final test of my Scrying Eye 2.0. I sent an envoy and the results you can admire right now – the full footage of a battle to be watched and re-watched at your will. By the way if you buy the upgrade I can attach this record as well if you are interested.
         I am, thanks.  Are you sure nobody from Nar was…er… invited to join in?
         As far as I know no. Not officially anyway. – answered Thorr, a bit surprised by the question.
        Are any additional functions available? – asked Murq quickly to change the topic.
Thorr seemed to be waiting for this impatiently and he gave Murq a huge beam before answering.
         Plenty, my friend, plenty. I wasn’t stingy with my favourite invention. Close-ups, panoramic views from a chosen spot, voice commands, individual search, frame-by-frame…
         Search? How do you mean?
         Well, of course first you must programme the whole thing, feeding it with the right info like portraits and descriptions of  people which interest you the most. My memory crystal is able to store the full description of up to one hundred people. Then it is only a matter of pressing one little button on your control panel.
         Magic and technology at their best!
         You are a very gifted mage, Thorr, what a pity you keep living alone and shun company like a hermit. My good luck I was your apprentice and got to know you so well!

         Murq dear friend, thank you, you make me blush!

         I will advertise and demonstrate this excellent product of yours around, be sure of it!

         You are so kind, my boy, so kind! A glass of wine? Salt fingers? Melon?

         No, thank you, I’ve eaten my supper. I came to ask you a favour to be honest. May I?

         Of course dear Murq, anything. 

         I would like a Black Brother being send to attend young Zaviroc.


         I think he is having a bit of a problem with a witness of magic. I will sleep better if I am sure he follows the procedures.

         I see. The witness being…?

         A pretty young girl, hardly older than him if you get my drift. It is his first case by the way and he might be tempted to…

         Understood. Where did you leave them?

         One day from here, in an inn called “Black Horse”. She was still unconscious but recovering fast.

         Not a problem, I will send a note and tomorrow somebody should visit them. You are such a considerate master, Murq; after all Zavi is completely on his own now and you still care. If only there were more mages like you… Let’s get the paperwork done in my office below.

         If I am a good master it is only because I was taught by you, dear Thorr; I learned that and a few other useful things as well…

Both men went out of the room in excellent moods, chatting and laughing amiably. 

Did anybody mention anything about a 350-word limit? 😉

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11 Responses to Friday Flash Fiction part THREE

  1. Tracy says:

    OK, that was unexpected!BTW On my screen a section in the middle of the story is obscured by post a comment section – the story seems to have overran the page (it's probably the settings on my computer)

  2. anachronist says:

    I see it as it should be, in one piece, no problem. Sorry for that but I don't know what happened. It is a bit long but I've posted longer texts here… I am puzzled, realy!

  3. Interesting addition to the story. You took it in a different path than I expected. Nicely done.

  4. anachronist says:

    Thanks carol I'm glad you liked it!

  5. Blodeuedd says:

    Well you certainly caught me by surprise, I neve saw that coming 🙂

  6. anachronist says:

    Thanks Blodeuedd!

  7. That was a turn! I love the scrying eye 2.0. Much snazzier than the 1.58 version. 😀

  8. Tracy says:

    Umm, it's still doing it – I can't read any of the comments because they are all overlaid with the post. This comment screen I'm typing in is blocking out a whole section of text near the end (all I can see is fingers? Melon?) I've never seen it happen on your posts before.

  9. anachronist says:

    I am really sorry to hear that Tracy but, as nobody else complains about it, I suppose something is wrong with your browser/comp. I see the post as it should be, with the comment section below, not in the middle. I am going to send you a mail with the whole text.Thanks Melissa, the scrying eye 2.0 will be a hit, I am sure of it!

  10. Hee-heee-heee! One track mind. I see Brunhilde in that picture, fallen on Siegfried's sword and the raven is Odin's messanger. 🙂

  11. anachronist says:

    It seems you should write your own fiction The Red Witch – I would like to read your version! For me a raven is just a raven. 😉

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