Wishful Wednesday, 11 May

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 Welcome to Wishful Wednesday! 

This week I wish for a historical novel:

Theodora by Stella Duffy

This title will be released on September 27, 2011.

From Amazon.com:

Theodora. Detail from the 6th-century mosaic &...Image via Wikipedia

Roman historian Procopius publicly praised Theodora of Constantinople for her piety-while secretly detailing her salacious stage act and maligning her as ruthless and power hungry. So who was this woman who rose from humble beginnings as a dancer to become the empress of Rome and a saint in the Orthodox Church? Award-winning novelist Stella Duffy vividly recreates the life and times of a woman who left her mark on one of the ancient world’s most powerful empires. Theodora: Actress, Empress, Whore is a sexy, captivating novel that resurrects an extraordinary, little-known figure from the dusty pages of history.

I’ve met this lady not so long ago, writing an essay about her life. I would love to read a good fiction based on Procopius!

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10 Responses to Wishful Wednesday, 11 May

  1. Tracy says:

    I hope it lives up to it's promise, anachronist.

  2. I have this one from NetGalley. I'm looking forward to reading it, although I really know nothing about her life.

  3. anachronist says:

    Tracy we'll see, it might be hit or miss I admit.carol I don't want to spoil you but you are in for a wild ride with the Empress. I am looking forward to reading your review!

  4. Blodeuedd says:

    I saw this one netgalley and it did look good…

  5. This does sound interesting. Hm… But… no vampires? 😉

  6. I don't know……. You already know so much about her life. If the author doesn't do a good job with the research and just makes it a titilating regurgition of Procius, it could be disappointing.

  7. anachronist says:

    Well, it might be disappointing if titillation is its only charm. I do hope for some psychology.

  8. stelladuffy says:

    hello Anachronist & friends, Hopefully this review from the (fairly serious!) Financial Times will assure you it's def not merely Procopius-for-titillation :http://www.ft.com/cms/s/2/65c1bc0e-8ae8-11df-bead-00144feab49a.html#axzz1NAlnrA9zProf Judith Herrin, John Julius Norwich and the Cambridge Companion to the Age of Justinian, (among many others) all featured rather more heavily in the research than Procopius. (Justinian roaming the palace with his head beneath his arm? Probably not.) Though I certainly don't blame publishers for picking up on the juicier details in promoting the book – nor is there any point in writing about Theodora's intriguing complexity without them.No vampires though, sorry. (maybe in the sequel?)Stella

  9. anachronist says:

    Hi Stella and thanks for the link and explanation. I intended to give your book a chance anyway (I like Theodora and her era well enough) but now I simply must read it and review it as well (althoug I am painfully aware that it will be nothing like the FT review)! Thanks for a visit!

  10. stelladuffy says:

    All reviews (well, all vaguely positive ones at least!) are a delight, whether FT-ish or blog-worthy. Given the not-so-slow demise of traditional publishing, anyone who doesn't value word-of-blog is kidding themselves. I'll look forward to your thoughts.

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