My second spring giveaway winner is being announced!

The twenty first of May – it’s time to announce the winner of my second spring giveaway.
Let me remind that this time  a yellow-coloured pendant, shown below, was up for grabs; it was designed and made by yours truly.
Every entry was alloted a number  in the following order:
  • The Red Witch – 1
  • Blodeuedd – 2
  • Melissa (Books and Things) – 3
  • Brooke – 4
The winner was selected using the service of RANDOM.ORG site (I know, a bit impersonal but my dog is good for nothing) and the winning number is 
 Brooke – I hope you will like your new jewellery ! I 

am going to send you an e-mail today as well!
Thank you for participating, everyone!
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7 Responses to My second spring giveaway winner is being announced!

  1. Blodeuedd says:

    Psst, if you ever make anything green then I will so enter again 😉 LolCongrats Brooke!

  2. anachronist says:

    No problemo, green it will be next time!

  3. Lucky! So pretty! Congraties!

  4. Tracy says:

    Congratulations, Brooke.(I know, a bit impersonal but my dog is good for nothing) My cat will pounce on anything – mice, tent poles (as we discovered last night whilst putting our ginormous tent up in the garden for daughter and friends to have a sleepover in) and scrunched up, largish pieces of paper which you entice him with, each with a participant's name on it – you then have to take your life in your hands and rescue the chosen, and now chewed and soggy piece of paper from his claws/teeth to see who the winner is.

  5. anachronist says:

    I tried to entice my dog with some dog biscuits with numbers written on them. He ate them so quickly that I never knew which number went first and which the last. Then the beast wanted some more and he is already a bit overweight. Talk about a total failure.

  6. Rolling a dice might save your doggie's waistline. Unless you have more than six contestants. Congratulations brooke!

  7. anachronist says:

    My dog is a special case. He doesn't like playing at all unless with cats or small rodents. Or birds. Somehow neither cats nor other creatures are willing to participate. I wonder why. 😉

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