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Amy C at Romance Book Wyrm and Dottie atTink’s Place have come up with the idea for a Monday Morning Flash Fiction challenge. Each Monday a new picture prompt will be posted and if you choose to participate – you publish your Fiction Flash  on Friday – 350 words, give or take. Below you can find the picture posted last Monday:

It will be Tanisia’s story part five but from a different perspective…the perspective of the Fallen. Let me present these gentlemen-angels closer. In this pic they are so lovely! If the text sounds a bit strange or not exactly in the right order that’s mainly because I am taking the stress out on it. 

The night was cold and starry, the campfire hot and enticing but none of them dared to take a nap. Theoretically they didn’t need it but they have been on a run for so many months that they were becoming physically and mentally tired. Dead tired. A nap would be definitely a nice change.

Daan was their unquestionable leader. He wore a dangerously-looking hood, moved stealthily, wielded a sword made of magical ice and never hesitated to use it. Mainly against any warlock or witch who might cherish a foolish idea of enslaving some powerful Fallen and bind them to their rotten persons. What a cheek! The mere thought made his anger simmer as if you pour some icy water on a red-hot stone. He has been like that for too long.

Then there was Khaal – the sheer muscle force and a mace to prove its value. Nobody knew what he thought about anything at all – he stayed silent most of the time but he did like shaving his head every second day. He had seen a bald guy in a circus once, preening himself on being ‘a strongman’, and somehow it caught his fancy. Anyway a bald head made greater impression than a mop of auburn, girlish, thick curls. He wasn’t below using any advantage he could get. Not when his freedom was at stake. Daan actually enjoyed his silent company even if he wasn’t sure Khaal shared his hatred.
The third one joined them not so long ago – his silverly hair and beard matching the plumage of his pet eagle, called Cuddly. The owner’s name was supposed to be Randy, rhyming with brandy, his drink of choice, but when several witches, hearing it, snickered in the most uncharitable way he decided to change it into Raand and save some digninty in the future. The eagle didn’t mind the change as long as Raand provided fodder with his longbow. Raand provided. In return the eagle was their most efficient spy and an early warning system. Such a sweet, useful bird.
“I fancy a beer,” complained Raand in a whinny voice. Raand was the worst at silent brooding, so characteristic of any Fallen of quality.
“They are close by, shut the trap,” answered Daan, as always Mr. Cheerful.
“Cuddly doesn’t indicate any danger.”
“Stupid beast, grew too tame,” snarled Daan.
“Now then, you can say what you like about me but don’t abuse Cuddly,” bristled Raand with indignation.
“I tell you they are nearby,” hissed Daan, sounding angrier than usual. “I feel them in my essence. Instead of talking send your beast scouting around once more and we’ll see.”

“Cuddly babe, would you mind looking around a bit, my sweetie little birdie? One small round, just for daddy? Here, have some rabbit’s meat, a bit smoked but still rare and juicy, as you like…here you go my dear…”

The eagle snatched a stripe of meat eagerly and disappeared in the darkness. Daan shot his fellow a dirty look – so many stupid words, so little sense. As if that gluttonous eagle could understand any of them. Raand looked a bit sad – he never liked parting with his pet but Daan has been so tightly strung lately that it wasn’t exactly safe to ignore his orders. He might get indisgestion. Or worse. A Fallen with indisgestion breathed fire from his ears, mouth and nostrils and was very disaster-prone. In the worst-case scenario he might even set his companions and himself on fire. As a Fallen couldn’t die, it might mean an infinite torment of burning your constantly regenerating skin and muscles. Such fire could be put down only by tears of real angels and those almost never cried, especially in the company of Fallen, a.k.a. demons. You must admit burning wasn’t the nicest state to spend your eternity in. Raand kept mum  for a while, waiting for Cuddly to return but he was never one for prolongued silence.

“A roll of dice, anyone?”

Daan clenched his jaw but Khaal looked interested enough to make Raand continue.

“If you win, I buy you a beer and a dish of nice hot beef stew in the nearest inn. If you lose you buy me…”

All of a sudden the eagle reappeared, as noiseless as a ghost. It perched on the shoulder of his master with a  little white squirrel  hanging from the powerful beak. It made everybody a bit more happy. Raand in fact was so cheerful that he couldn’t stop talking.

“You see? No danger, just peace and quiet, all peachy and nice. Relax, Daan, and roll the dice with us. It will be ok. They’ve lost our scent. We are safe tonight. Look at these beautiful stars…”

They sat around their campfire and Khaal started rolling the dice with a flourish. Daan, apparently a bit relaxed as well, was polishing his sword absentmindedly. Cuddly was gnawing on the bloody limbs of the dead squirrel with ferocious intensity.  Nobody noticed when a small mole and a shrew emerged from the soil just a few meters from their feet.

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  1. You know this looks like Jon Snow ranging beyond the Wall with a couple of wildings and a skin changer eh.

  2. anachronist says:

    Can you believe it – I have to order my ASOIAF book for the second time.

  3. Blodeuedd says:

    You are always so early 😀 Have you written one long book after that first flash and now you tempt us with piece after piece 😉

  4. Tracy says:

    Good to see you back posting again – why do you have to order the book twice?

  5. anachronist says:

    Lol, nah, me a book writer…I write in short bursts Blodeuedd, too short for a real thing.Tracy the Internet bookshop I preordered Mr Martin's book from simply had run out of copies and couldn't fill all orders. It would be ok if only they didn't make me wait several weeks before informing me about it. Just my luck. It is difficult to read English books in my country.

  6. It would probably take a while before it appears in translation, too. Or has it been translated?

  7. Now how did Cuddly not see the mole. He is too tame. lol Good addition!btw, the duel animation is by PXL Animations

  8. anachronist says:

    The Red Witch I ordered that blasted book in original version i.e. English. I haven't been learining English for years to read English books translated now! I can translate them myself if I want to and sometimes I do. It was supposed to be sent to me about a week after its publishing…yeah, theory is nice. Melissa Cuddly didn't notice the mole because it wasn't hungry and had the squirrel to be occupied with. I added the authors of that lovely animation – thanks for telling the name of the company!

  9. Great piece. I love the descriptions and the little bit at the end.

  10. anachronist says:

    Thanks carol, your comments make me always so eager to write some more!

  11. I seriously want an ice sword! That sounds so freaking cool. Jen's Ice Sword, has a nice ring to it! Pwease??? You really do rock at those pieces of fiction you put on here, you know. That one was excellent. ps – it kind of looks like the clouds in the background are floating around. I swear, I feel like they are moving. pss – I think this is my most random comment EVER!:DJenIn the Closet With a Bibliophile

  12. anachronist says:

    Jen you do know how to make me blush! Thank you!

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