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Amy C at Romance Book Wyrm and Dottie atTink’s Place have come up with the idea for a Monday Morning Flash Fiction challenge. Each Monday a new picture prompt will be posted and if you choose to participate – you publish your Fiction Flash  on Friday – 350 words, give or take. Below you can find the picture posted last Monday:

Lovely, isn’t she? Even though she seems to have a dislocated hip ;p… I tried to find an appropriate story to fit this girl and her incredible, long dress – I love this shade of blue (teal?) but this dress fits more in a palace or a ballroom than in a forest…

After running from her mother’s palace Alayne has been sulking for hours, sitting on her favourite glade, picking flowers or kicking them in fury. It didn’t bring her the peace of mind she looked for. Her white doves kept her company, pestering her for food. They were always ravenous when she was angry, stupid birds. Why couldn’t she have a falcon or an owl at her disposal? The answer was that  her mother made her choose white doves, such nice, innocent birds, perfectly fit for a high-born, delicate maiden. Alayne snorted. If only people knew the real nature of doves – how they fight stray pigeons and even their own adult progeny mercilessly, how gluttonous they are, and how many times she had to change her dress and even wash her head just because one of these sweet white doves shat on her publicly, making people laugh and point and comment… Sometimes she hated them as much as she hated her mother and today she gave one of them such a solid swat when nobody was looking, that it was left  unconscious on the floor of her room. She didn’t care. Still her anger didn’t recede.

  How dared they ask her such a thing?  It was true that her gifts were rather unique and her mother had previously announced several times  that she, her princess daughter, had to make up her mind and finally share some of her powers but Alayne was never one for sharing. It was her who the goddess had chosen all these years ago, her gifts were her birthright and nobody should interfere, shouldn’t they? So what the forests were dying somewhere in a distant kingdom? They should have kept them in a better order in their own best interest. So what they came to the court, begging, grovelling and cajoling her mother into sending Alayne with them? Nobody asked her view as if she was merely a clever dog or a pretty horse, or a slave. Apart from that Alayne knew that it was enough to agree one time and soon her mother would make her actually work for her upkeep, sending her to and fro, trading her gifts for different favours, alliances and money.

There was just one person who used to  stand by her side and protect her from the Queen’s rapacious appetites.  Her father. Unfortunately currently he lived far, far away and never seemed to be too inclined to visit. Small wonder, last time he went to see his daughter, her mother made an attempt on his life during the farewell feast. Alayne wanted to run away with him but her mother, devious as ever, aticipated her move; she imprisoned her and kept closed in dungeons as long as it took to break her will. The problem was that Alayne couldn’t live pernamently in an enclosed space, be it a palace or a simple hut.  Without using her powers, touching the trees and grass, she would go mad. Her mother demanded from her a sacred oath on the goddess that she would never ever leave her mother’s kingdom without specific orders. She was young, feeble, panicky and stupid. She agreed. All these years she has hoped against all odds that her father somehow would find a way for her to weasel out of this oath and set her free. In vain. He just has asked her over and over again to be patient and wait. 

All of a sudden she heard some hooves. A young man on a horse was approaching fast, a winsome smile on his face. She was less than impressed. Another suitor or supplicant, sent by her mother to make her more inclined to cooperate. She frowned.

“Stop where you are and don’t move or you will get hurt!”

“I am an envoy from your father, princess Alayne, I came…”

“Don’t you dare lie to me!”

With one casual flick of her hand she made her doves into white feathered bullets which attacked the rider and sent him to earth. Although he fell he fought them with a desperate efficiency. A dove’s beak can do a lot of damage to your face but he knew what to do with his fists to stun or kill all the birds attacking him. Now she was impressed a bit. He turned to her and said:

“I am not lying, I am your father’s envoy coming to…”

“…to do what exactly?”

She managed to sound as mean as her mother. Such a voice made people cringe and run for cover but that man just smiled.

“To help you outwit your mother the Queen…and to marry you if I succeed”

That left her truly speechless.

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10 Responses to Friday Flash Fiction

  1. I like the picture and the dislocated hip. 🙂 I love the story too, will he succeed and help her outwit her mother and gain her hand in marriage? Oooh do tell. Do tell. Nice story as well. You are outdoing yourself every Friday.

  2. anachronist says:

    Nah, not telling ;P but I glad you liked it!

  3. RUN! The envoy should RUN! She is too self-centered to be a good wife/partner anyway. Hopefully she will change????

  4. Ah, I like it. Yes, she's self-centered, but maybe if she weren't trapped by her mom she would grow some.And I agree, her outfit didn't fit the setting.

  5. *groans* Anachronist, why do you always stop the stories at the good parts. You know I'm a sucker for men like that! *pouts* It's so NOT fair! I like this story, A LOT! You'd better finish this one! Make sure the guy humbles her a bit, she's kind of a brat. I think she has honest potential to rock as a person, though. That'll be fun development! *jumps up and down* Yeah, I'm excited!JenIn the Closet With a Bibliophile

  6. Blodeuedd says:

    She is not a fav of mine so I agree with everyone else, run poor envoy! ;)But maybe they will happily ever after :Dhihi

  7. anachronist says:

    Thanks for the comments, everyone, you rock!The envoy should run like hell unless he has another agenda on his mind. You know men – ulterior motives are like the second name for some of them and they tend to think they are so clever they can ouwit the devil himself. Well, perhaps a male devil can be outwitted by a man but a she-devil it is quite a different story.Alayne is indeed self-centered. It has been her protective shield for too long.Perhaps I will continue. I hope the next pic will allow me to do so but no promises. I clearly have a problem with finishing a story in one single installment.

  8. Jenny Girl says:

    Ah that's it, leave us wanting more. Great tidbit story.

  9. Well, that left her speechless. lol. Wonderful story. And I love how we all hated the birds this week. 😀 Thanks!

  10. anachronist says:

    Thanks Jenny Girl! Melissa, we seemed so well coordinated with each other about the birds that it was uncanny! You are welcome!

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