Mini review: Aftermath (Sirantha Jax 05) by Ann Aguirre

Book form: mobi (Kindle) format ebook
Author: Ann Aguirre
Title: Aftermath
Genre: sci-fi/fantasy/romance/space opera
Target audience: adults

(if you haven’t read the previous parts you might be spoiled, it is a series after all, sorry):

Sirantha Jax went AWOL and managed to rearrange the beacons, making the Grimspace quite unrecognizable to anybody but herself. She saved her whole civilization from the invasion of murderous, flesh-eating Morguts but also over 600 innocent people died, stranded in Grimspace because of her intervention. Now she has to undergo a trial for it – and her life might be at stake.

March and Velith are helping her find a good lawyer but ultimately it’s her personal fight to stay sane and to tackle the survivor’s guilt which matters the most. March leaves before the trial begins; he has to look for his orphaned nephew. It is evident he and Jax are growning apart almost despite their best efforts to stay close to each other. After Sirantha’s release she and Velith Il- Nok travel to Gehenna where they say their good-byes to Adele, a friend of both. We get to know more about Vel’s past romance with Adele. After some time of rest Sirantha wants to do something positive to counter-balance all the deaths, caused by her. She has two concrete projects on her mind.

The first one concerns a little Mareq creature called Baby-Z. It was another casualty, killed accidentally by Sirantha, but his DNA sample was preserved. Now it is being cloned in order to return it to its home. The other project concern Loras – a La’hern so a kind of elf who comes from a race which doesn’t have a will of his own anymore due to human intervention. Sirantha promised to help him and now is financing the whole research which might lead to finding a cure for all La’hern.

All nice and good but will it be enough?

What I liked:

This one was truly a character-driven adventure. Yes, you got it right and yes, it is possible; at least Ann Aguirre can make it happen. Almost all her characters are fully-fledged and seem completely alive and still they get plenty of action! Easy? Well, not exactly…

We  finally get more information about March, Hit, Adele, Doc and March’s nephew, but most of all Vel. Sirantha’s path from an anti-heroine and a boobs-flashing rebel to a self-aware, courageous, mature woman is very impressive. The best thing is she owes a lot of her newfound dedication and maturity to the strong, loyal bounty hunter, Velith, who looks like a big bug in a chitin body but is one of the best aliens I’ve encountered in sci-fi books – really the more you know about him the more you cherish him. He is wise, supportive, undemanding, able to defend himself, full of good ideas and loyal – could you wish anything more in a prospective partner? So what he isn’t exactly human-handsome?

What’s more, Ann Aguirre is an amazing story teller – she can keep you occupied all the time. She started with this crazy sci-fi Grimspace world but what she really has given us are unforgettable characters, a fantastic, very original vision and a gripping story. It can appeal to lovers of different genres.

What I didn’t like:
Well, the book seemed to me divided artificially into two parts: the trial of Sirantha and her trip to planet Mareeq, to deliver Baby-Z2 to his parents. I wish both parts were longer and more developped; that way Jax’s story arc was just too extended. Also sometimes I was a tiny bit annoyed by all these messages and letters.

The cover: cheeesy…definitely worse than the content, believe me.

Final verdict:

If you don’t have anything terribly against this mix of genres do read this series, it is worth it! I just hope the final part will be as good as the frist five!

Aguirre says that Jax is going to get her HEA (happily ever after) in the last book (Endgame) that’s going to be published next year – that seems clearly to indicate some sort of resolution with March. I’m very interested to see how this one works out and how other mysteries will be solved like the real identity of Edun or the fate of Jael (no, I don’t think he died in prison, b*****d).
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11 Responses to Mini review: Aftermath (Sirantha Jax 05) by Ann Aguirre

  1. Mel says:

    Argh! I so need to start this series. Grimspace is calling to me from its place on my book shelf…

  2. Anachronist says:

    Grimspace is as addicitive as any drug, be cautious in your dealings with it!

  3. Aurian says:

    Thanks for the review, certainly a serie that has been on my wishlist for a while now …

  4. Tracy says:

    Space opera – can't beat it if you're in that kind of mood! And sci fi generally often suffers from incredibly cheesy artwork! It rarely bears much resemblance to the actual story – I think because most of it is designed to appeal to (or possibly it's designed by) hormonally-charged teenaged nerds.

  5. Anachronist says:

    Aurian – do read it when you have time and thanks for the visit!Tracy – I agree; the cover artwork might suggest these books are read by teenagers only…ehem…like me ;D Well, some people stay in their teens to the end of their life!

  6. Blodeuedd says:

    I have only read book 1 so far, but I do got book 2 and 3 and I will read them….soonish ;)Cos I do like a good mix of genres

  7. Anachronist says:

    Pepare yourself, Blodeuedd – you will want to read all of them…

  8. Okay, so I'm only about 2/3 through it now. 🙂 But I'm enjoying it. It seems to be not as action packed with fighting and all, it's definitely the aftermath of the hell of war.Sorry you don't care much for the letter. I kind of like them. As I get the story of Jax it kind of keeps me up on the missing person…March. ;D Wonderful review.

  9. Anachronist says:

    Thanks Melissa *blush*.I am annoyed by the letters just because I would like to know who Edun is and yes, I am a bit angry at March. He has been in a hero mode for too long, I liked him as a merc better.

  10. So, I didn't read the review in full because if you liked it (which it seems you did) I didn't want to spoil any of the beginning books. I like surprises. So, I've added it to my TBR and I thank you for always including that last paragraph in your reviews with how you felt. :DJenIn the Closet With a Bibliophile

  11. Anachronist says:

    Yes, I did like all parts of this series more or less and my pleasure that you at least read the last paragraph, Jen! 😉 I am wating for your take on these!

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