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Amy C at Romance Book Wyrm and Dottie atTink’s Place have come up with the idea for a Monday Morning Flash Fiction challenge. Each Monday a new picture prompt will be posted and if you choose to participate – you publish your Fiction Flash  on Friday – 350 words, give or take. Here is the picture posted this Monday:
Lovely old trees… a perfect place for a relaxing walk…and my story continues .

Whenever she felt agitated, angry, sad or confused, Lilian always went for a walk. Dreane Manor was surrounded by a vast park which turned into an old forest right outside the fence; she felt there at home, knowing every path and every bigger tree. As nobody had time to hear her out right now, she decided to go outside and transform her pent-up irritation into a brisk walking, breaking from time to time into a jog. She knew it would bring her a peace of mind and a clearer head. She didn’t expect any company but the company arrived.

When entering the forest she glimpsed a slender silhouette approaching her fast. She thought it might be one of manservants running an errant but she was wrong. Henri the vampire joined her soon afterwards, as quick as a wind and as silent as an owl. One moment he was just a dark shadow in the background the next he was standing right behind to her. He bowed slightly and she answered with a curtsey – it would be rude not to acknowledge his greeting. Her father invited him to their house and he approved of him after all.

“Mademoiselle? I hope I am not bothering you?” he asked shyly.

“Pas du tout, monsieur,” she answered, proud of her school French. Henri simled but continued mostly in English.

“I noticed you were a bit perplexed while listening to your father in the study. You are new to all this, n’est-ce pas? “

Lilian half laughed half snorted, too agitated to care whether these sounds were actually ladylike. The words broke a metaphorical dam in her head and her outrage started flowing round her body like a strong current. She kept walking faster and faster as she talked but the vampire didn’t have any problem with following her.

“Perplexed? Monsieur Henri, what an understatement! You know, not so long ago I was just a boring country miss living in a manor. Then I decided to do something stupid and the pandemonium started. First I was lost in that horrible book kept by my father in his secret library. Then I was saved by faeries, I saw a ghost of a girl in my park and right afterwards I was told that, because of my actions, we were at war with a vampiress called Lara. I didn’t know these…creatures existed at all. My father is all of a sudden too busy to explain anything to me or talk to me at all. In fact the lowest of my servants seem to know more about the world around me than I do. Then that Lara arrives and she…gets rather busy with another vampire in one of the sitting rooms I helped to furnish and keep clean. My father kind of orchestrated all the event. Perplexed? I feel as if somebody took me to another country but never explained why because I was considered too stupid to understand. I’ve been treated like a mentaly retarded person, like an animal, and believe me, I do not appreciate it at all. I am so angry that I might actually hit somebody, even my own father, for doing it to me.”

“Would it help if I offered you some explanation, then?” asked Henri quietly.

She stopped walking and turned to him.

“I guess it would. Why would you be so kind, monsieur?”

“Maybe because I could relate.”

“Have you been kept in the dark yourself?”

Henri gave an almost silent chuckle and Lilian blushed. Bad choice of words.

” A double entendre, I know. Je suis désolée…I didn’t want to offend you.”

“No offence taken. What would you like to know?”

The question made her almost gag. She wanted to know so many things but she had to start with something simple. The first set of questions was formed even before she realized that it might be a bit too personal and revealing.

“Why is Mark so smitten with that Lara? What’s wrong with him?”

Henri smiled but his smile turned a bit wistful.

“Lara…Elle est très belle, a striking woman. She drank his blood and formed a bond with him. He migth stop longing for her but it will take time. Don’t be angry with him, it’s completely beyond his control. A vampire’s charm is not easy to overcome, believe me. Even vampires might have a lot of problems with it.”

“Do you…did you…you was Lara’s…well…”

All of the sudden Lilian blushed even more profusely. She couldn’t pronounce the word “lover” in front of a total stranger, vampire or not, especially having a pretty good idea what had happened in one of the smaller sitting rooms in her manor. The conversation made her wanting to run away and hide like a child in a closet.

“You blush rather prettily,” said Henri calmly. “Oui, I was her lover; in fact I was hoping to be even something more but malheureusement I was wrong. Lara was looking for servants and lieges, not partners. Néanmoins I know the feeling very well.”

His honest response put her at ease quicker than any brisk walk would do.

“What does it take to build a vampire coven?” she asked, almost perfectly calm now.

“A good leader and four-five vampires at the beginning. He or she must have some charisma, be old and strong. The proper age is not enough, though, neither is the strenght. Other vampires must trust you, respect you and feel safe on your teritory. Lara had been deceiving me for some time but after a while I knew she wasn’t the proper queen.”

“What will happen to Lara now?”

“I think nothing bad. I suppose she is actually very lucky. Lawrence seems to fancy her and she might like her new position of a master’s favourite better than she thinks.”

“How do you create a vampire?”

Lilian felt perfectly at ease now, her previous embarassment completely forgotten. She was full of questions and she had somebody well-informed and willing to share his knowledge. The calm, peaceful manner of Henri influenced her mood. As they got immersed more and more in the discussion their jog turned into a walk and then into a slow stroll.

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  1. Tracy says:

    How do you create a vampire ? She'll find out before too long if she's not careful – vampires cannot be trusted! (unless they're played by Mr Pattinson, obviously)

  2. Anachronist says:

    vampires cannot be trusted! (unless they're played by Mr Pattinson, obviously)Even then you should be careful – look at poor Bella! She almost died! 😉

  3. Blodeuedd says:

    Where is the fluff and passion?! Oh just a one time deal.. :/Lol, but this suits you well

  4. Anachronist says:

    What did you expect? Do you want to kill me? Fluff and passion might come…later. Lilian is one careful girl!

  5. Oh-oh. Sounds like she's getting a little too close to the vampire.

  6. Hm… I disagree with Blodeuedd… I sense fluff! Okay, I also see the dark turn coming, but not right now. ;DNow, for the erotica. *hides*

  7. Anachronist says:

    carol – she is a bit too curious for her own good but, on the other hand, her dad is a bit quilty as well.Melissa, be careful my dear, you might get whipped for such suggestions!

  8. I thought he would bite her head off. LOL! And people think you're violent. 😀 MWAH HA HA! Excellent story, dear!

  9. Anachronist says:

    A great idea, you know…he might bite her head off later *evil grin* Thanks anyway!Or somebody else's head…I must think about it seriously!

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