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Amy C at Romance Book Wyrm and Dottie atTink’s Place have come up with the idea for a Monday Morning Flash Fiction challenge. Each Monday a new picture prompt will be posted and if you choose to participate – you publish your Fiction Flash  on Friday – 350 words, give or take. Here is the picture posted this Monday:

I know I was supposed to write something hot but such a pic simply exclues it. I’d like to take a rain check. In fact I yield, Blodeuedd can be named the queen of the hotness (but I might be back!) In my flash get some action instead.

The tree hunting hut belonging to Lord Dreane was not difficult to find when you knew what to look for. The door was cleverly hidden behind a boulder but fully approachable and without any lock. Lilian expected one cramped room- two at most- the size of an average closet, dark, damp and full of dead leaves. Instead she saw a big tilled corridor with several doors leading to, it seemed, a suite of rooms and a kitchen. The walls were adorned by paintings in vivid colours and several skylights, positioned clevery above, made the whole area well-lit and cheerful. Lilian started looking curiously at the pictures and soon enough she took a particular fancy to one of them. It showed a red-haired woman in royal blue dress standing with a knight at the edge of  a precipice. Below an army was marching in single file; dark small figures with flags and banners. The woman had a big broadsword hanging from her belt. Could it possibly mean she was a warrior? Why did she still wear a dress?

-Who’s that woman? Who painted these? – Lilian asked her sullen and silent guide without turning her head, her eyes simply riveted on the graceful, feminine silhouette.

Mark shrugged and scowled at her.

-Dunno, seems to be some elven rubbish left behind or other shit.

Lilian gasped. He never dared swear in her presence before. It was plain rude and it couldn’t be tollerated.

-What did you say, you oaf ? When we return I will make you wash your mouth with a lot of soap, then you’ll learn how to answer a lady when she condescends to ask you a question.

– You are not a lady anymore.


Painting completely forgotten, she gaped at him for a long stunning moment which felt like eternity. He was just smirking, happy with her reaction. Finally she recovered sufficiently to ask:

– Explain yourself, Mark. How come I’ve stopped being a lady to you all of a sudden?

-You consort with freaking vampires, that’s why. I saw ya two strolling in the park. Talking, holding hands, kissing maybe. Soon enough he will drink your blood and drag you to his lair and do…other things as well.  You are not a lady, you are a vampire slut to me, that’s what you are.

Anger always made her more clear-headed and now Lilian was very angry. She knew instantly how to react. First she slapped his smirking face time and again, then she clenched her hand into a tight fist and slugged him hard straight into the stomach. He certainly didn’t expect a punch. He spluttered, doubled over and kneeled on the floor, fighting for every breath. Lilian gave him her best condescending look and hissed:

-That was for the cussing in my presence and for your general lack of manners. Next time you think of calling me that appaling name think also about this: if I earned it just for strolling with Henri and talking what name you deserve after spending the entire night in the arms of that Lara? You pathetic, spineless, whinnying slug!

She kicked him in the ribs to drive her point home, then turned from him, her back ramrod straight, her head held high like that of a real princess, and entered the first room on her right; she could hear her father’s voice coming from the inside. She could be a warrior woman as well and it seemed it was time to look for her broadsword.

That’s how I imagine Lilian 😉
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  1. Tsk… tsk… tsk…Blodeuedd (Queen of Hotness) got a little bit of hotness out of the pic, so your point is moot. ;D LOLI'm actually glad she hit him… what a jerk. Great way to exploit the double standard! 😀

  2. Blodeuedd says:

    I was hoping for a few kicks in the nuts, but then again he did get plenty of beatings already ;)Queen of Hotness

  3. Anachronist says:

    I think you should seriously consider the change of your moniker, Blodeuedd! Queen of Hotness suits you great!Double standards are a nice area to exploit, Melissa, thank you!Blodeuedd – Lilian is STILL a lady so nut bashing is a no-no.

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