Review: Dirty by Megan Hart

Book info:
Form: Kindle format e-book
Genre: Romance/erotica
Target audience: adulst (see warning at the bottom)


Elle, a junior partner in an accountant company, meets a man in a luxury chocolate shop. He hits on her and she can’t stop thinking about him. Then they meet again in a club – they dance and get to know their names apart from other things. They decide to have a fling, nothing else, because Elle, for a reason or two, is so not into permanent relationship and Dan seems to be perfectly ok with such a situation. However this time they both will be forced to change their mind and priorities.

What I liked: 

What comes to your mind when you see erotica novels? Of course plenty of graphic sex scenes, a skeleton plot, a very superficial psychological make-up if any at all, characters often limited only to a description of an appearance. Small wonder plenty of readers shun these books considering them a waste of time and money. I am usually one of such readers. However, I am happy to say Megan Hart managed to break that mould for me.

I would compare ‘Dirty’ to ‘Bitter Moon’, an old movie by Roman Polanski which told a story of a romance in a very intelligent, funny and moving way. With the emphasis on ‘intelligent’ which always, entices me more than anything and makes me cave in even if, officially I am hardly a romance fan, let alone erotica reader. I found Elle a surprisingly complex heroine, taking into account what genre we are talking about. Her actions were fully justified by her sad experiences and reading about her I felt as if she was really alive, not one more sex-crazed cardboard character you can find galore in such novels. After a while you understand why she has acted they way she did but the full story is revealed at the end and the more you read the more you want to find out. You sympathize with her and with Dan who tries to lure her out of her shell and engage in a mature relationship.

Those hot scenes add to the story instead of distracting your attention from the plot.
What’s more you see how Elle changes, almost despite herself, the longer she dates. She starts to see the need to forgive and forget, to start anew even if the process is hardly easy and painless. One more advantage of this one: Elle’s dysfunctional family and her problems don’t disappear after she starts seeing Dan regularly. If anything the opposite is true – dating makes her face the most difficult issues time and again, she is practically forced to put her past and present in order.

What I didn’t like: 

Although, up to a point, I could relate to Elle, I doubt such generous, understanding and patient men as Dan exist at all. He was like that fairy tale prince – a well-rounded lover, ready to be taken, without major commitments or vices. I can’t help thinking that in real life he would have a wife and at least several part-time bimbos hidden somewhere in the closet; that and a nasty habit or two ;p.

Final verdict: 

If you feel like reading erotica but you are usually bored with the ordinary fare go for something intelligent and read this one. The love scenes are really steamy hot and when you finish you won’t despise yourself for spending so much time with a ‘pink’ novel. Well, it is a different shade of pink.


 Intelligent or not, it remains still an erotica romance novel, containing a lot of graphic sex scenes which are highly inappropriate for underage public. Such issues as incest, suicide, deliberate self-harm  and sexual abuse of a minor are mentioned as well. Keep it in mind while deciding whether you want to read it or not – you have been warned.

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