The Most Fascinating Libraries of the World 01 – Trinity College Library in Dublin

I’ve visited a friend’s blog recently and I was literary blown over by a picture of one of the most fascinating libraries around – Trinity College Library in Dublin, Ireland. It also gave me an idea of a series of posts about the best, the most beautiful, the strangest and the biggest libraries there are. The libraries that can make you drool, where you would be able to spend an indefinite period of time without noticing, where you would like to live and die till the end of the world (if they only served coffee and cake). Perhaps you can’t visit them all  but what is the Internet for? I’ll try to illustrate my posts as well as it is only possible, providing, I hope, a nice tour for every visitor around. Enjoy!
Let me start with the library which provided the very idea – 
Trinity College Library in Dublin.

 It is the largest library in Ireland and, as a “copyright library”, it has legal deposit rights for material published in the Republic of Ireland; it is also the only Irish library to hold such rights for the United Kingdom.The Library proper occupies several buildings, four of which are on the campus of Trinity College itself and another at St. James’s Hospital, Dublin.The Library’s history dates back to the establishment of the College in 1592.

What do you reckon? Worth visiting? 😉
More info can be found on site of the library:
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