An announcement – welcome Rameau, the new contributor on this blog!

I have a piece of very good news to announce !

Welcome Rameau, the new contributor and reviewer here!
 Now who is she? 

No, she is not a descendant of Jean-Philippe Rameau although it would be my first guess ;p.

She’s a well-read Finnish girl. She’s been active on Goodreads and she’s written several guest posts for me here; now she also decided to cooperate with me on a more permanent manner (in fact I pestered her as long as it took to make up her mind ;p).

Let me just say that I am completely thrilled: her reviews are incredible – funny, intelligent and very incisive so I am sure she will make this place better and more vibrant!

What can you expect?

Expect changes, expect more awesome reviews and discussions, expect better tagging and a wider range of books presented here!!!I cannot wait!!!


The new girl chimes in.
First things first. Ana, we need talk about your propensity for exclamation marks. I think my ears are still ringing. I couldn’t possibly be worth of six! And to reassure the current readers, your friends and fans: I’m not going to take over the world your blog. Ana will still be responsible for the day to day operations as I learn the ropes.

I’ve been reading and reviewing actively since early 2011. In two years, my tastes have evolved and I’ve become adept at saying very little with very many words. I like tagging books with ridiculous things such as inappropriate erections—which is how I wooed Ana by the way—and I appreciate honesty, which is why I must warn you.

I read a lot of library and secondhand books, as well as ebooks, which origins I’ve forgotten. That is to say I can’t remember which books I’ve gotten as freebies from Amazon or Harlequin and which books I paid for in the ARe -50% rebate that is technically buy two get one free. But I always note when I’ve received an Advanced Readers Copy (ARC) or a review copy from the author. These days I only buy paper copies of the books I absolutely love and want to read again. I wish. My self control still needs work.

There’ll be changes as Ana mentioned. I’ll be importing my review archive one or two reviews at the time, and we’ll be adding a meh icon to Ana’s rating system. I couldn’t possibly do without and she obliged me. Then there’s the fact that we’ve read quite a many of the same books. From now on when this happens, we’ll be tagging and labelling those reviews as second opinions and linking to the first for your comparison convenience.

My focus is on books, but Ana will still write brilliant and informative articles and film reviews.  
Now. Let’s read. 


Edited by Ana to add one humble remark more: exclamation marks? Oh my friend, there’s never enough of them when the news is good!!!!!
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8 Responses to An announcement – welcome Rameau, the new contributor on this blog!

  1. heidenkind says:

    Looking forward to your reviews, Rameau!

  2. Blodeuedd says:

    Wohoo meh icon, I love mehs 😉

  3. It is a great idea, isn't it? 🙂

  4. Thanks, for your comment, Tasha!

  5. Aurian says:

    Welcome to the blog Rameau, I think it is going to be fun, reading more of your reviews. And smart of you Ana, sharing some of the daily work burden 🙂

  6. LOL Aurian, thanks for a visit!

  7. Melissa says:

    Rameau, you get around! LOL! Good to see you here too. 🙂

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