Rameau’s Review Archive: American Love Songs by Ashlyn Kane

Originally posted on Goodreads September 2nd 2011.

Jake Brenner has too many wild oats to sow to fall in love-or so he claims. Besides, he’s much too busy with his band, the Wayward Sons, to go looking for romance. His reticence has nothing to do with his embarrassing crush on Chris, the band’s lead singer and Jake’s erstwhile best friend. But that was before enigmatic wanderer Parker McAvoy signed on as the band’s new lead guitarist.He can only deny his attraction to sweet, dorky Parker for so long before the urge to do something about it becomes impossible to ignore. The trouble is, Parker knows all about Jake’s philandering ways-and oh, yeah, he’s not gay. Or so Jake thinks until a string of related events provides encouraging new insight. Can he convince Parker to overlook his colorful past and give him a chance? Or will this love song fade out before it even begins?(

American Love SongsAmerican Love Songs by Ashlyn Kane

I’ve read nearly a hundred books this year. Some of those have been decent, several I can call good, and a handful were really great. But there’s been only one book that’s lingered in my mind like this. Until now.

Jake Brenner is a twenty year old college drop out of his own volition. He chose music and the band, or more accurately, he chose Jimmy, his best friend, and Chris, his long time crush, over school. After a drunken mishap the band is forced to find a new guitarist and Jake a new roommate.

In walks Parker McAvoy, a mysterious musical genius, who finds a his place with them after a long drifting period. And he quickly finds his way into Jake’s heart too.

I spent two days in a reading haze immersed in these boys’ lives. I cried, I laughed, and I felt my heart tumble. The characters swept me along with them on this amazing journey from uncertainty and anonymity to certainty and fame. I watched these characters grow and accept change like too few people do.

Most of all, I enjoyed the writing. It didn’t drag me down with false bravado, but carried me through the scenes and showed me their emotions effortlessly. The characters stayed true to themselves and their actions made sense, even Parker’s whose motives weren’t revealed until the end.

And you know how I’m always complaining about the annoying point of view changes usually between first person voice and third limited, well, it turns out it doesn’t matter one bit when it’s done right. From the beginning the story is scattered with Jake’s blog entries and occasional emails, which feel like just extension to the dialogue. Jake’s voice is clearest in his postings.

I read the ebook, but I’m still eyeing the hardcover. It’s that good.

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  1. My, my you got quite sentimental with that one. I wonder what would you say if you reread it today.

  2. So cynical! đŸ˜‰

  3. I remember seeing this around the blogosphere, but I never bought it. I do love books with rock stars, though, so I might give it a try.

  4. I have my moments ;p

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