Rameau’s Review Archive: Rakkautta rivien välissä (Past Secrets) by Cathy Kelly

Rameau’s Ramblings: I read the Finnish translation of Past Secrets and reviewed it on July 6th 2011

They all hide secrets that won’t go away….

From the outside, the welcoming, garden-adorned houses of Summer Street are the picture of Irish charm. But on the inside, unexpected and heartbreaking secrets swirl. At house number thirty-two, hardworking, single-mother Faye Reid conceals the truth about her marriage from her fiery daughter, Amber. But Amber, a budding artist, also hides something from her all-too-trusting mother: a relationship with a rock star hopeful for whom she plans to throw away her future. And at number forty-eight, Maggie Maguire arrives at her childhood home to help her sick mother, a welcome distraction from the life she left behind and the startling secret she’s hiding — from herself.

And only become harder to keep…

At thirty-four Summer Street, wise and kind Christie Devlin has the remarkable ability to see into the lives and hearts of others — and may have the answers when her neighbors’ carefully hidden secrets bubble to the surface. But when Christie’s own past comes back to haunt her — posing a threat to her picture-perfect marriage — this time the answers aren’t as clear.

Rakkautta rivien välissäRakkautta rivien välissä by Cathy Kelly

I honestly don’t have a clue why I finished reading this one. Except that the paperback was lying on my desk for weeks and I needed something safe (as in I wasn’t risking my Kindle) to read while travelling. I was expecting some kind of romance novel maybe with a bit more mature and realistic approach and that’s about as much as I got.

What I didn’t expect were three different novels in one about three different characters I never got the chance to like or care about. The only connecting thread was the name of the street and everything else promised in the first third of the book. The writing was perfunctory and so was the editing, apparently, because that’s the only explanation I can think of for reading about someone picking up the phone and getting to the dialogue only a page later. Too often the author would go down these cul-de-sacs to explain something that had happened earlier instead of getting to the point.

The characters got their happy ending and while I can see the logic in the pats they took to get there, I never cared one bit.

Unless you’re a devoted fan of the author, I’d give this one a miss.

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