Movie review: The Host directed by Andrew Niccol and viewed by my fair lady Blodeuedd

Welcome Blodeuedd from Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell !!!

She agreed to review a movie for my blog and it is a movie I would never dare watch: The Host based on an infamous book of Stephenie Meyer, woo-hooo! She is a brave girl. What does she think of the movie? Was it better than the book? Let’s check out!

Ana asked me to review The Host after I told her I watched this sorry excuse for a movie. And well if Ana asks you have to do what she wants.

It’s not that the movie sucked, ok sure I sighed, rolled my eyes, laughed at it, but the scenery was nice and it had….sort of a good premise and potential. Oh and it was 100 million times better than the book. I tried to read the book but gave up at page 1 and tried to skim, but even skimming was boring. So the movie rocked the book.
Now what went wrong…everything! The story is about an alien and a human sharing a body and oh oh falling in love with different guys *head desk* Worst love triangle with 3 bodies and 4 minds ever. At one point the voice is all no no do not kiss him…eh, it’s still your body stupid and you are still there, in a way you are kissing him. But yes I could go on and on, it was silly.
Right, so these are aliens who are so smart and have the best tech ever, but do they find the resistance? No. Instead they look for them. Oh god, let me laugh, looking with a flashlight. I would expect better technology searching for them. You are smart, figure it out.
Melanie Melanie, she is a special little snowflake. She has the strength to scream in Wanderer’s head and even use the body. Isn’t she the most special of them all. Then we have Wanderer, another little snowflake it seems. Sure we learn there is at least one other person but still. Special snowflakes lalala.
Melanie and Wanderer, 2 TSTL idiots. Wanda just blindly wanders off cos she is stupid. Yes let’s go to the humans who want to kill you. And Melanie, does not want people to know she is inside me? That makes no sense. The humans are stupid too, kill her at once! No, take her prisoner instead *head desk*. That they sure didn’t do with anyone else, but then Wanda is a special snowflake. She does not tell anyone that Mel is still inside her, instead a human falls in love with her. I still do not get it, I know it gives something to the sorry excuse of a plot to hide this fact but let’s not forget that it makes no sense.
The world, le sigh. I had so many questions! More about the aliens, like who did they first take over? Sure they are logical but they take over and it means death. Are babies made? How will the world survive without babies? Are they like locust? They take over, eat everything and move on? But then I realized this was a Meyer book, so there is no world building.
The endings shows that yes maybe they humans will win. How the fuck they will manage that is another plot hole. They should not be able, but then the aliens are TSTL.
Wanda was also very forgiving. She had her lover boy so yes after being upset for a bit after the humans killed a bunch of aliens she moves on. The thing is I never saw the aliens as bad. They made perfect sense. This is a crap planet, we kill each other and destroy our world. The aliens made it better. The minute they are gone we would destroy each other again.

What to say then. If you liked twilight you will like this one. I would not recommend it though, it had too many roll your eyes moments and wtf? events. But I had to see it anyway, and I do not regret it, I always watch crap movies with this friend I have. It’s our thing. So it won the bad awards. Congrats.
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6 Responses to Movie review: The Host directed by Andrew Niccol and viewed by my fair lady Blodeuedd

  1. One of my friends told me I had to watch this one because it was soooooo stupid.

  2. What a recommendation, lol. "Let's watch a stupid movie, it will be fun…"

  3. Blodeuedd says:

    Haha, well that is why I watched it 😉 Once we watched a version of PP from the 80s that made us bang our heads against the wall

  4. What an experience! ;p

  5. rameau says:

    At least you'll always have films to watch with your friends. They're never going to stop making bad films 😉 (But they've stopped making good films ages ago.)

  6. how sad and how very true 😦

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