Review: NOS4A2 by Joe Hill

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  • Genre: paranormal thriller
  • Target audience: adults
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 The plot of this novel revolves around Charles Talent Manx, his enemy Vic (Victoria) McQueen and her family. Both Vic and Manx have the same gift – a very vivid imagination which allows them to create new worlds and move between them and reality, bending space-time continuum with the help of some special objects.  These objects include, but are not limited to, a vintage Rolls-Roys Wraith and a much humbler Tuff Burner bike. Of course it’s not all. Charles can persuade anybody to do anything he wants as long as he gets them into his car. Vic can find any lost object or person she wants. Those two are soon on a collision course because individuals with unusual gifts attract each other’s attention.

 Vic is aided from time to time by Margaret Leigh, a stuttering librarian who loves Scrabbles to no end and understands the gift like nobody else; Manx’s current henchman is a mentally retarded man with a criminal record called Bing. Both strive to protect what they love the best. In the case of Charles Manx it is a place called Christmasland and its inhabitants, the children he’d abducted, allegedly to save them from their uncaring families and the ugly world around. In the case of Vic it’s her son, Wayne, and her partner, Louis.  The war between them will be long and bloody, especially after kidnapping  Wayne.  Still you must pay for every gift and Vic cannot fathom how steep price will be demanded of her.

 My impressions:

 My first general remark: any decent writer having so many good plot ideas would write a series – three books at least, perhaps even four or six if the first two got off financially. Joe Hill wrote one long, great novel and gained my admiration.

 My second general remark: in this book I found one of the best baddies I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet in fiction. I loved to hate Charles Talent Manx, a man who would like to have Christmas every single day, all year round, 24/7. He was three-dimensional and hideous and fascinating at the same time. Like a realy psychopath he was sure about his own righteousness. He was also a psychological vampire and it suited me to no end and his car…well, I love vintage cars so it worked exceedingly well, reminding me a bit about Christine by Stephen King. Still Rolls Royce Wraith was better suited for a thriller – you see it was a real beast.

Vic McQueen was also a lovely heroine – a kick-ass girl who had her own demons and vulnerabilities which sometimes made her stronger and sometimes made her like a soft putty in the hands of her opponent. It also took her quite a long time to figure out how her gift worked and what it entailed. Here Manx had a clear advantage over her because he was way older and experienced.

 Vic  and Lou’s romance…once again it worked and I couldn’t believe how well it worked for me. It was very moving, real and just fantastic. No, they didn’t marry because Vic didn’t believe in marriage (and small wonder, taking into account her family history) but the bond between them was stronger than the bond between many fictional married couples. Especially that both of them were hardly flawless – Lou was a seriously overweight biker and a bit of a ne’ev-do-well too and adult Vic was both drug and alcohol addict because she couldn’t cope with her own supernatural abilities.

 Now the fictional world of magic and space-time tricks. Shorter Way Bridge (Vic’s way around) was good but Christmasland (Manx’s special kingdom of sorts) was mesmerizing – really one of the more original and scariest places I’ve ever visited while reading horrors/thrillers. It was very cleverly constructed, being similar to some places from my nightmare – allegedly harmless but with that atmosphere that sends chills down your spine and makes your hair curl. In fact I think such a place would be a dream come true to any thriller director – it can sell any movie in no time, especially during Christmas, to such weirdoes like me.

 Final verdict: 

 If you like thrillers, go read it. If you don’t like thrillers, go read it.Yes, it was an awesome book, confident and at times ruthless, moving along at a determined pace, never looking back. I loved it.

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5 Responses to Review: NOS4A2 by Joe Hill

  1. blodeueddb says:

    Go read it, but thrillers are lame

  2. This one is not lame. This one is awesome.

  3. Carol says:

    Sounds kind of awesome. I don’t usually do thrillers, but occasionally. I’m a little worried about Christmasland.

  4. rameau says:

    I tried, but I can’t do it. I can totally see why you loved it because the writing is magnificent—apart from the rampant misogyny. Which is why I DNFed at 18%.

    • Oh it was definitely better than any book penned by the daddy and if you speak about rampant misogyny here then I suppose Stephen King is your no-go author. Pity you didn’t manage to read on.

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