Mini Review: Right Hand Magic (Goghotam 01) by Nancy A. Collins


Tate is an artist in the futuristic New York. She creates modern versions of old sculptures from sheets of steel and  scavenged machinery parts. Now she must work double hard as she is expecting her first serious gallery exhibition. A welder and a pair of oxy cylinders are the tools of her trade but the components, even if coming from junkyards, cost a lot – that’s why she needs a lot of space and she needs it cheap. Her previous landlords complained about the noise and she has just dumped her cheating boyfriend and decided to turn over a new leaf. Seeing an ad for a moderately –priced room to rent in Golgotham, a supernatural NYC neighbourhood plenty of  humans avoid, she doesn’t think twice – she phones, she visits, she moves in. That’s how she becomes a tenant of Hexe, a handsome Kymeran with six-finger hands, purple hair and golden eyes, a warlock and a healer who can turn even most powerful magical afflictions widdershins.  All of a sudden Tate finds herself living in a place considered more dangerous than Brooklyn after the dark – but also far more interesting. Still is she going to blend in? Will Hexe dare date her? Does their mixed relationship have any future?

My impressions

If a novel is described as  “vampiric, postpunk, metal-fanged, dark-doomed romance at its best” it makes me interested almost despite myself. I grant it – Golgotham is a very original setting. So original, in fact, that it overshadowed a bit the main characters and the action; mind you the action, although a bit too predictable, still seemed more important than the whole romance between Hexe and Tate.

I was really strange – the pair of protagonists were simply lost among all those colourful Kymerans, maenads, centaurs, werewolves, changelings and satyrs. I really loved the fact that the author knew her mythology but wasn’t this novel supposed to be about an interracial romance? Dark-doomed to boot, whatever it means? And let me assure you that I haven’t noticed one single vampire, at least not in the first part of this series.

What’s more the narration left plenty to be desired, with smaller and bigger infodumps here and there. The baddies were cardboard-thin and, when I come to think about it, the world build had to save the day too many times.

 Final verdict:

Would I like to revisit Golgotham? Maybe, providing that there is more character development in the next parts and the writing style is better.

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6 Responses to Mini Review: Right Hand Magic (Goghotam 01) by Nancy A. Collins

  1. heidenkind says:

    Uhg worldbuilding.

  2. xaurianx says:

    And who has made that sentence about the vampires and the doomed romance? Still, I am very much intrigued by this and want to read it. I won’t miss the vampires.

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