Review: Fearless by Christine Rains


Abby is a fearless monster slayer. And she is indeed one of the Fearless – a special group of women (and women only) who can fight and kill monsters hiding in children’s bedrooms. After she killed her own, discovering her supernatural abilities and a vocation, Abby never looked back.

One night, after killing some furry monstrosities and saving three brothers from their regular nightmare, she found a male Fae in a big trunk and set him free. The Fae, Demetrius, became honour-bound to pay his debt by saving Abby’s life in return – the trunk was made of metal and without her timely intervention he could have suffocated to death. Now Demetrius has to stay with her as long as it would take. Abby’s never been so pleased to have a partner, with the monsters becoming more and more frequent and nastier. Soon enough she is having several calls a night instead of several calls a week. While she can defend herself against those creeps without a major problem will she know how to defend her heart? Will Abby and Demetrius discover who is breeding the bedroom monsters and making children sick?

My impressions:

I admit the premise of this short novel/long novella sounded very original and swept me off my feet instantly. Imagine yourself that the monsters living under your bed, in your wardrobe or your closet are real – they come out at night and spread terror, ruining your childhood and stealing your sleep. Nobody believes you. Adults think you are just another oversensitive child with too vivid imagination. Your parents don’t intervene either, thinking your problems are bound to disappear if you only stopped reading those fantasy books/playing those computer games. Then comes somebody like Abby – an adult woman who’s defeated her own monster and now is helping other children to do the same. She cooperates with one handsome Fae and a stuffed toy hippo called Tawa – cool indeed! The monsters she fights are neither vampire nor werewolves – even more cooler! Their sudden proliferation is connected to a very popular series of children’s books, written by a single female author, Myrtle Burrows – woo-hoo!

Then there was the romance between Abby and Demetrius and, unfortunately, at that point the book returned to the well-known, common-and-garden, schematic rut: he falls in lust and then in love with her, she falls in love with him but they represent two different races so they cannot possibly be together. Abby knows a fling with a Fae doesn’t make sense but she is so attracted to him she cannot help herself, she is so deep in love, yadda, yadda, yadda. Ok, at least the monsters didn’t disappear and I got to met their accidental creator, Myrtle Burrows, a toad-like writer of children’s books who fell for Demetrius in no time, poor thing, but unfortunately had a cat’s in hell chance to make a lasting impression.

The final showdown was interesting – yes, Abby and her Fae warrior have found the mother of all monsters and here I was surprised by the ingenuity of the author. Still I regret Ms. Rains didn’t go further and developed her baddies into something three-dimensional and truly scary. My other carping? The novel/novella begins with a prologue and ends with an epilogue! Honestly, why not a mezzologue, somewhere in the middle?

Final verdict:

The book had a potential for something more than just an ordinary urban fantasy novella/short novel but somehow, in my very humble opinion, the author decided to leave all the good parts in an embryonic stadium. Pity.

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  1. blodeuedd says:

    Is that a teddybear?

  2. xaurianx says:

    a stuffed toy hippo called Tawa? that does sound at least original and fun. Thanks for the review, not sure I dare to read this.

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