Paranormal Romance parody – the intro and part one

This year the winter holiday season is going to be special on this blog. Why? For ten days, starting today on 24th of December and ending on 2nd of January, awesome Rameau and uncontrollable Anachronist are going to write and publish their own short story! Now the roles will be reversed – we are going to be the authors and our dear readers might turn into more or less lenient critics!

Every day one short paragraph of our story, written by one of us, is going to be published, sometimes along the scheduled review, sometimes on its own. It will be a parody of paranormal romance: fangs, steamy sex, and much, much more! You are welcome to read and comment it; we hope you’ll have as much fun as we had while composing the story!

Let the madness begin and feel free to join in!

 Part one – written by Anachronist

Sugarbabe was hungry and tired. An evening  of shopping could do that to a vampire woman, especially if she was walking around in golden open-toe Gucci high heels, 5 inches no less, purple, skin-tight leggings from Marc Jacobs and a silk, leopard-patterned, heavily sequined top designed by Carolina Herrera. She went out of the last shop and was heading towards her purple-red Lotus Evora when she stumbled on a limb. Two limbs exactly. Her nostrils flared out. She sniffed blood, almost fresh and, as soon as her eyes turned into infrared, she saw clearly a male vampire lying spread-eagled, his fangs still elongated, his head almost immersed into a puddle of blood vomit. Sugarbabe stopped to investigate. He was barely alive, his black eyes glassy but open, with a fringe of eyelashes every model would kill for. His hair was purple and disheveled. She turned him to have a better look. The pale, chiseled face was unearthly beautiful and gym-perfect, eight-pack abs were peeking at her beneath his dirty Metallica t-shirt. Sugarbabe’s heart missed a beat and her fangs became moist with desire. Yes, it was him – her mate. She hauled him upwards and carried to her car. Another one for her vast collection of spouses and lovers – well done for an evening of shopping.

Acquiring another mate when your house is full- a good or a bad move? Be sure to visit us tomorrow  and find out!

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  1. blodeuedd says:

    Haha, yeah I love the namedropping!

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  3. heidenkind says:

    “her fangs became moist with desire.” LOL

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