Paranormal Romance Parody – part two

Part two – written by Rameau

Her newest mate was still unconscious when Sugarbabe laid him on her favourite Yves Saint-Laurent black silk sheets. He desperately needed a bath and none of her gird-loined servants was in attendance. In fact, the whole of her stud farm was suspiciously quiet. Sugarbabe loathed all forms of physical labour—unless it involved shopping—but she had to admit being curious about what lied underneath the mystery man’s sodden clothes. She extended one of her two inch nails and cut through his Metallica shirt. Tattoos. They were all over his body and seemed to follow the lines between his sculpted muscles. Sugarbabe attacked his belt and rendered it into shreds in mere moments. He was naked under his jeans and ready for her. The perpetual erection would have been a discomfort for some but for vampires it was their raison d’être. Sugarbabe stroke his manhood into full hardness and leaned down to taste his elixir. She noticed he was naturally purple-haired. Unable to restrain her lust any further, Sugarbabe straddled the man and impaled herself with his staff. She could feel his rod in her core knocking on her womb even as he tore her regrowing hymen at her centre. Palming her fleshy orbs and playing with her nipples Sugarbabe rocked back and forth until her sex started convulsing. She felt the heavens opening up and the fireworks setting the pearly gates on fire. His piercings prodded her uncomfortably when she landed breathless on his chest.

What will happen when he is awakened? Be sure to visit us tomorrow for more!  

The story so far…

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  1. blodeuedd says:

    You are really going for it, sleep sex/rape and impaling and all that stuff 😉

  2. heidenkind says:

    Nice to know the carpet matches the drapes. lol

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