Paranormal Romance Parody – part four

Part four, written by Rameau

As the sweet haze of her orgasm faded, Sugarbabe became annoyed. Main husband indeed. Had anyone ever heard anything as ridiculous as that before? They may be mated, but that didn’t mean Edward Douche could push her around whichever way he wanted. Huffing loudly to herself, Sugarbabe reached for her Tommy Hilfiger robe and wrapped it around herself. She was feeling ravenous after her exercise and Cory was sure to have something delicious prepared for her.

“Here you are, I was just looking for you,” Sugarbabe said as she walked through the door. If she’d been in any way insecure of herself (she wasn’t) she’d have paused at the sight of her two former favourites leaning into each other. Not that the thought of watching Malik and Cory together hadn’t crossed her mind, but both men were devoted solely to her as evidenced by the fact that they now rushed to her kneel at her feet.

“My sweet, come to me,” Sugarbabe said and slid her fingers under Cory’s chin. Malik was kissing his way up from the back of her left knee when Sugarbabe tasted Cory’s honeyed lips. With one last sweep of her tongue over his mouth, she pulled back and said:

“I’m in need of sustenance.”

Obediently Cory offered the side of his neck to her and as Sugarbabe’s elongated fangs ripped into his olive skin he whispered: “Anything for my Queen, anything for my love.”

None of the three saw the dark shadow looming by the doorway.

Who was that dark shadow? Find out tomorrow! The story so far… 

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  1. heidenkind says:

    I don’t think Edward Douche is going to put up with that.

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