Paranormal Romance Parody part five

Part five, written by Anachronist

Douche attacked like a crouching tiger- silently and incredibly fast. One moment Cory was feeding and caressing his Queen, the other he lay sprawled on the floor, with Edward’s hands around his neck.

“She. Is. Mine,”  growled Douche right over his ear.

“How dare you!” exclaimed Sugarbabe as soon as she went out of shock laced with exhilaration, a normal state of mind for a freshly mated vampiress who watches her Main Husband fighting another male. “He…we…I wanted a snack, nothing else!”

“From now on you snack only when I want, and only as long as I want,” snarled Douche standing up, with unhappy Cory under his arm.

“WHAT?!?” shrieked Sugarbabe. “You syphilitic barbarian! You mangy cockroach! You caveman bat’s droppings! What did you say?!?” Cory’s body hit the floor again and now Edward was squeezing the neck of his beloved wife, tightening his hold with every word hissed into her ear.

 “You. Do. What I say. Or else. I love you. So. Much.”

Sugarbabe croaked ‘help’ but nobody was close enough to hear her. Malik, his eyes as big as saucers, was busy dragging Cory, still immobile, into a safer place. Edward squeezed his wife’s neck some more, almost making her faint, and then released the grip while kissing her aggressively on the mouth and palming one of her heavenly orbs. Sugarbabe climaxed like mad immediately.

Will they manage to survive a bit longer? Find out tomorrow!

The story so far… 

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  1. blodeuedd says:

    Omg I do not know if I can take anymore, I need to kick Douche in the nuts right now

  2. heidenkind says:

    LOLOLOLOLOL Ohemgee, I think it’s twu luv.

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