Paranormal Romance Parody – part six

Part six written by Rameau

Sugarbabe panted. Her knees too weak to support her, she clung to her mated Douche and let her admirable nails sink into his neck muscles. She spoke with her voice like smooth velvet:

“Now, listen to me, you Devil’s gift to sexually repressed women. You may be my purple haired mate and you may even call yourself the Alpha Male Main Husband, but no one—NO ONE—comes in between me and my snack.”

Edward had been palming Sugarbabe’s luscious breasts absentmindedly when he felt the talons like razors pierce his skin and paralyse his senses. The loss of feeling in his limbs did nothing to his perpetual erection but it did cloud his judgement momentarily, so that when Sugarbabe asked if he understood he nodded adoringly.

As Sugarbabe released her grip, her mate dropped to the floor like a wet dishrag making only the smallest movements towards kissing her pedicured feet. She, however, ignored him and turned to Malik.

“Meet me at the studio, I want you to work your magic and make me look fabulous. Oh, and wear your white leather chaps and collar. We’re going out clubbing tonight. Just the two of us.”

“Yes, my Queen. Only—” Malik said still kneeling by his fellow paramour to their mistress.

Sugarbabe cocked her head expectantly.

“What about Cory?”

“Leave him in his bunk to recover from the blood loss. The other slaves will care for him while we have fun.”

 Is Douche going to tolerate such a blatant disrespect? Find out tomorrow!

The story so far… 

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  1. blodeuedd says:

    I sure hope Douche gets what’s coming to him

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