Paranormal Romance Parody – part seven

Part seven, written by Anachronist

Sugarbabe and Malik walked out of the room, leaving unconscious Cory and Edward behind.  While Cory was removed very swiftly by a pair of zombies, nobody dared approach Douche. He would have remained lying there forever, alone, cold and hungry, hadn’t the little vampiress in a ridiculously sexy French maid outfit come in to clean the mess. She spotted him, so defenseless and sweet, like a young god with the silky, purple hair falling into his eyes, and she became aroused instantly. Hesitant but curious, she came nearer, stroked those fabulous abs and, knowing  fully well it was now or never, she straddled him. Douche let her wriggle about for some time and then with one, powerful thrust of his unfailing shaft, he  buried himself deep into the girl.

 “What’s your name?” he asked.

 “Le…Le…Leeonoristatahnae,” answered the girl, barely coherent with pleasure, riding him enthusiastically,“ but…but…every…ah….body…ah…ah…calls me, ah…Leena…ah…ah!”

 “Uh?” enquired Douche, not grasping her answer but being perfectly able to grasp her hips and pull them strongly downwards.

 “Leena!” shouted the girl and fainted.

 Now Douche finally jogged his memory and reminded himself of that name and those petite but exquisitely shaped limbs. Leena – the missing but never completely forgotten love of his life. Apparently she has been imprisoned by Sugarbabe, manipulated, brainwashed and employed as a maid to do  the most menial, dirtiest job possible in the vampire world – cleaning after the whole vampire nest while being dressed in a demeaning, black-and-white outfit with a ridiculously short skirt and a low-cut blouse.

Growling like mad he put the unconscious girl aside and swore his eternal vengeance. He would find Sugarbabe and all those responsible for the sad state of his little, lovely Leena. Still he had to find the bathroom first. And then, perhaps, the kitchen. And the garage. All on his own. “Where are those GPS gadgets when you need them?” he grunted and got into action.

Will Douche find his way around? Find out tomorrow!

The story so far… 

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6 Responses to Paranormal Romance Parody – part seven

  1. blodeuedd says:

    How on earth is she the love of his life? She just came in and raped him. Oh you guys, lol

  2. heidenkind says:

    Sounds like the makings of a threesome.

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