An announcement

Dear Readers, Commenters, Lurkers and other unspecified fans of our little blog,

The time has come for a major change.

Let’s face it – the Internet is becoming a more and more dangerous place, full of insane spammers, NSA agents, trolls, hackers, tricksters, stalkers, unscrupulous phishers and other terrorists. That’s why, in our common best interest, we decided to switch to snail mail. A catastrophe? Hardly.

that’s what a real catastrophe means ;p

Yes, we feel that normal postal services are the way – perhaps slow but far more reliable and anonymous. Think about the advantages of such a solution: your postcard collection will be enlarged by several great specimens from Poland and Finland (and we promise never to send you the same postcard twice) ; it will also benefits philatelists as in they’ll be adding Finnish and Polish (so European) stamps for close to nothing.

As we intend to ship our reviews to every country imaginable, in order to reduce the cost of such a solution we are going to write them on postcards in a short but elegant form of haiku. I know, I know, our reviews sometimes tend to be long so perhaps you are wondering whether we can do it. Yes WE CAN. Here is an example:

Misbegotten book

Crushed me with its sheer weightlessness

And countless typos.

You see? Easy-peasy 5-7-5 classic haiku negative review. 🙂 Do you want something more positive? No problem, we do also positive!

Jewel and treasure,

I laughed and cried while reading

your blessed, sweet pages.

If you want to continue reading our reviews, it’s enough you send us your stationary address or the number of your PO box. Then, several times a month you will get a lovely postcard from yours truly with our thoughts on chosen books. You can start collecting them – they will be such a lovely and tangible proof of our existence. If you want to comment – which is always a very nice thing – our PO box will be available soon. Send us a postcard with a few words and be sure – you’ll always get an answer, no matter how long it’ll take.

Stay in touch and enjoy your spring!

Ram and Ana

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11 Responses to An announcement

  1. heidenkind says:

    I love your haiku reviews! And I would totally sign up for this. 🙂

  2. Zoe Saadia says:

    LMAO, I was reading with my mouth gaping in the silliest of ways. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, can’t believe I can be fooled so easily, damn it 😀

  3. xaurianx says:

    You know, I totally believed in this, and thought it fun to be receiving and sending postcards. Until my best friend pointed out the date … (Can’t comment using WP at the office, so I read it and send it to her, but did not reply then).
    She had something, really? why would you believe something like this? And I just thought it fitting for you two and completely believable.

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