Review: Rogue Descendant (Nikki Glass 03) by Jenna Black


Nikki Glass is a demigod, a descendant from Artemis, the Greek goddess of hunt (Artemis was supposed to be a die-hard virgin but, at least according to Ms. Black, it was a lie). Artemis, contrary to other Olympian deities, had just one child so her descendants are very rare. That fact makes Nikki a very valuable asset and everybody wants to profit from her unusual skills – paranormal tracking and sharpshooting.

Nikki lives under the roof and enjoys the protection of Anderson Kane, a head of a demigods faction called Liberi Deorum. The other faction are the Olympians – they are  a bunch of conniving, ruthless and arrogant bastards with a lot of money and a penchant for tortures and rape. Their current leader, Cyrus, would love nothing better than to destroy Anderson and those of his merry band who wouldn’t agree to join him; still he doesn’t like to make his hands dirty. He decides to frame Anderson, using as a bait his ex wife, Emma who, after a rather unhappy marriage, has joined the Olympians out of her free will and would love nothing more than hurt Anderson. Very conveniently she thinks Nikki is the real reason her marriage fell apart. Of course Emma is delusional because Nikki keeps pursuing doggedly Jamaal, one of the hottest guys in Anderson’s little posse but also a deeply troubled individual with a clear need of professional psychological help.

How will that paranormal soap opera end? There will be blood, you can bet on it.

 My impressions:

I’ve heard some good things about this series and the author so I decided to jump right into the third part of the so far unfinished Nikki Glass series. Perhaps it was a mistake.

I grant it the world build was original enough to interest me. All those descendants of gods and goddesses, not necessarily Greek, were a nice change from werewolves, vampires, elves and zombies, populating most paranormal romances and urban fantasy stories these days.

I admit Nikki Glass, the main heroine, was nice enough. In fact I would like her very much if not for one serious flaw – I really didn’t understand why she was hitting on Jamaal with such an obsessive stupidity stubbornness; personally I simply couldn’t see the appeal.

If you haven’t read this series a word of explanation: Jamaal, a descendant of the Hindu goddess Kali,  was one troubled individual – a murderous moodiness incarnated. He used to be a slave, exploited and abused ruthlessly by his masters and mistresses; apparently he hasn’t been able to get over it. What’s more he had virtually no sense of humour or self-irony, his appearance being his only asset. Well, if a supposedly intelligent heroine falls in love with such a guy I immediately question her taste and her reason. It didn’t help that time and again Jamaal told Nikki to eff off. It seemed that the more often he said ‘no’, the more Nikki was turned on, becoming sometimes quite shamelessly persistent. I think she could be called a stalker of sorts – somebody who believes that taking ‘no’ for an answer is not a sign of maturity and respect for other people but of weakness. In my humble opinion if Nikki really loved Jamaal, a man most probably scarred for life in more than one sense, she would try to persuade him to seek some psychological help first and drag him to bed later (if at all). If the author wanted to create the feeling of a never ending sexual frustration in my view she failed. Still, as I managed to find a nice gif here you go 🙂 .

Apart from my issues concerning Nikki the novel was not especially readable; perhaps it was due to the slow plot development and twisted love story which, for me, didn’t make sense. The text was peppered with small infodumps; however it was the ending what left a really bitter taste in my mouth.  Not only the showdown between Anderson, Nikki, Cyrus and his diabolical father, Konstantin, was ended with an unbelievable cop-out, at least as far as Anderson was concerned, but also the author added a cliffhanger of a sort in the epilogue. A completely needless epilogue to boot. I really despise such endings – they put me off instead of making me want more.

Final verdict:

Rogue Descendant, the third book in Jenna Black’s Nikki Glass series, left me lukewarm.  It was clearly a filler or a bridge part of sorts, executed decently well but not well enough to get me hooked. Will there be a war between Anderson’s Liberi and the Olympians? Will the secret Anderson’s been keeping close to his chest divide his group? Will Black make up her mind who Nikki is supposed to bed? Maybe. Still I am not sure I care.

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  1. blodeuedd says:

    Jumping right in, crazy you

  2. heidenkind says:

    That is a nice gif. 🙂 I hate when authors describe characters as attractive in books and expect that to be a good enough reason for them to be attractive. This isn’t TV, I can’t see them!

  3. xaurianx says:

    Great review, thank you. I think I have this series somewhere on my shelves … I like the demi gods thing, the mythology. But the romance part, hmm. Perhaps the first two books reveal something more about Jamaal.

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