Rameau’s review archive: A Kiss For Midwinter (Brothers Sinister 1.5) by Courtney Milan


Miss Lydia Charingford is always cheerful, and never more so than at Christmas time. But no matter how hard she smiles, she can’t forget the youthful mistake that could have ruined her reputation. Even though the worst of her indiscretion was kept secret, one other person knows the truth of those dark days: the sarcastic Doctor Jonas Grantham. She wants nothing to do with him…or the butterflies that take flight in her stomach every time he looks her way.

Jonas Grantham has a secret, too: He’s been in love with Lydia for more than a year. This winter, he’s determined to conquer her dislike and win her for his own. It all starts with a wager and a kiss…

A Kiss for Midwinter is a novella (38,000 words) in the Brothers Sinister series. It follows The Duchess War. Each book stands on its own, but those who prefer to read in order might want to read that book first.

A Kiss For Midwinter (Brothers Sinister, #1.5)A Kiss For Midwinter by Courtney Milan

Milan finally did it, she finally wrote a five star novella without any of the issues I had with, The Duchess War, the first full length novel of the Brothers Sinister series. The pacing was just right, the background information in relation to the rest of the series was concise, the characters were charming and true to their own internal logic, there were great quotes, and the relationships to the secondary characters were poignant. My only gripes are about the sex scene, but really, after the awkward sex nothing reads quite the same.

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  1. It was too sweet. And too short. And Lydia was annoying with her forced cheerfulness. Oh well, I do remember I wrote a rather longish review about it all so now let me grumble in peace. BTW it is a second opinion review of course.

  2. blodeuedd says:

    I have read it 😉

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