Review: Myself in Blue by Renata F. Barcelos

 I received a complimentary copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review; that fact didn’t influence my opinion at all.


Once upon a time there was a little princess called Sunday Morning. She had everything a princess can dream of: loving parents, famous and rich enough to guarantee her an easy, stress-free life, four lovely sisters (albeit one very ill), two cats, and generally a bright future stretching before her like one  silky-smooth, fleecy, golden runner.

It wasn’t enough. Being a bit selfish and spoiled Sunday had one big wish – she wanted to be an only child. Tough luck – it was one of those wishes which might and should never come true. To show her complete disregard for such an outcome Sunday decided to rebel. She did all the wrong, wild, stupid things any rebellious teenager want to do just to prove they can. Her parents, Iris and Douglas Morning, were left perplexed: why one of their lovely daughters had to be so difficult? Hadn’t they done everything in their power to bring up little Sunday in the best possible way? Haven’t they succeeded admirably with their other girls?

Finally one day Sunday made a big mistake and, all of a sudden, she saw her wickedness in its full extend. She decided to play also the role of a fairy godmother,  and punish herself for all those bad deeds. Recognizing herself as a bad seed, Sunday ran away from her American dream castle, bright future and loving parents to Brazil with another completely unsuitable boyfriend. She was only pushing fifteen at that time. Far away from home bad karma caught up with her and started to torment her for good. Will she be strong enough to return and reconcile with her family? Will she break the spell she put on herself?

My impressions:

Ms. Barcelos certainly knows how to spin a good story and keep you interested till the very end. She also populates her books with some pretty complex characters: people with flaws who do bad things even if they know they’ll regret it later. Myself in Blue is divided into two narrative voices, that of Sunday Morning (a great name by the way!), a daughter of famous 60’s musicians, and Scott Goodwin, a young writer specializing in biographies of famous people. Whereas I adored Sunday, her dark past  and the ‘bad-girl-who-wants-to-be- good’ attitude, Scott was really too sweet, too mellow and a bit out of this world. I wish there were more such men around but unfortunately I’ve never ever met one so I suspect strongly it is an endangered species (if not completely extinct). Consequently the romance between Scotty and Sunday felt a bit too sugary, at least to me.

Then there was the background  consisting of different stories of women from the Morning family, going back to the WWII. I enjoyed it but at the end I felt a bit cheated: I was told too little about the Oshiros (Sunday Morning was in fact Sunday Oshiro Morning; her father was of Japanese descent). I also wish the baddies were a bit more three-dimensional and complicated, lending some of their meanness to e.g. poor Scott. ;p

Final verdict:

A nice story, told in an interesting way, but also one which left me thinking ‘it’s too good and too sweet to be true’. If you like fairy tale romances with HEA ending you might enjoy it better.


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  1. rameau says:

    People love their HEAs.

  2. heidenkind says:

    Yeah, who doesn’t love HEAs. 🙂 I just read one with a poor little rich girl, though, there’s only so many a person can take.

    • Poor little rich girls. Hmm. I think I should add them to my ‘pet peeves’ list (and I kind of remember reading your review-discussion with Kelly).

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