Rameau’s review archive: Collared by Kari Gregg

Synopsis: Trans-Global IT director Connor Witt is a rare and prized anomaly: the aggression centers in his brain have been suppressed rather than stimulated by the mutated crops that so recently took over the world’s food supply. Bewildered by his physical changes and terrified of a world growing more and more predatory, Connor risks harassment and worse until Trans-Global CEO David Martin collars Connor to protect him against men like security consultant Emmett Drake. Men who stalk Connor as sweet, sexy prey. Men to whom the newly submissive Connor feels irresistibly drawn. But David can’t be Connor’s master; David’s straight. He promises to find a worthy man, though. One willing to court and appreciate Connor as more than just some rich man’s toy. While the world adapts to the biological disaster and new laws strip away Connor’s rights, David’s resolve to protect his boy slowly grows into something more. But can his new desires keep pace with Emmett’s determination to claim Connor?

CollaredCollared by Kari Gregg Instead of creating a character with a history that would explain his submissiveness, Gregg created a gene-manipulated agricultural accident that miraculously turned everyone into aggressive sexual dominants with a small portion of the population growing meeker called anomalies.

Instead of addressing this brilliant set up for a dystopian society introspection, the author used it to turn his pre-mentioned submissive character into a part of a legal slave race, with only a handful of casual references to newspaper topics.

Instead of examining a character’s struggle to reacquaint himself with his changing biology and personality, the author spent half of the novella justifying the fairness of the selected masters—Master and Sir—for the submissive then quickly shifting to the proper BDSM etiquette and sex. It’s all just so emotionless and depthless.

I wasn’t even expecting heavy scifi worldbuilding but I was hoping what had been created would be used to explore the characters and enable their growth. This is supposed to be a story about people adjusting to a new status quo. To add insult to injury, the BDSM scenes while technically correct—as far as I could tell—weren’t that sexy. Sometimes sexy is all I ask.

P.S. Of course the token woman character is the villain.

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