New Year 2016 with a smile

Nobody is to say art is sacred and untouchable. Personally I adore it when people have fun with changing famous paintings into something similar but different, often surprising and fresh. To start the new 2016 year with a smile I chose some examples of creative pastiches of the popular works of arts.

Let’s begin with A Girl with the Pearl Earring, originally painted by Vermeer van Delft.

A Girl Taking a Selfie? Why not? Selfies are so popular and that pearl earring definitely deserves a photo! Johnny Depp posing as a girl? Suits him well too espeically that his face has very similar proportions ! Finally an almost total remake – an Elven princess with a fancy hairdo and a crescent on her forehead. Who would guess deep down Vermeer was a high fantasy fan? ;p

Now Mona Lisa, perhaps one of the most famous and also most pastiched paintings in the world. You have to admit that, compared to the original, she looks far better with a light saber and that famous Jedi knight hooded cloak! Of course as long as she doesn’t catch a cold, poor thing – this Louvre, there are so many draughts in there and she is used to a milder climate!

What about combining two paintings and creating a kind of fictional conversation?

Run, run, they are coming to steal us all!‘ shouts the famous Edward Munch Scream figure.

Calm down, sweetheart, don’t panic, my light saber is in perfect working order and I keep it close, hidden right behind this bit of frame…‘ answers Lisa. 😉

I was also rather taken by how a simple addition of modern mirror glasses might change your reception of the entire Frida Kahlo self-portrait. She looks so cool now, doesn’t she?








 Here you get two lovely Goths who started their life as Grant Wood’s American Gothic (the original you can admire here) and, evidently, wanted to live up to the title so went to a hairdresser and then applied well-chosen make-up. I don’t know about you but I like their new look better ;).


 Now what about calling the Batman a la Vincent van Gogh? Gotham City has never looked more tormented and its atmosphere is perfect!

Finally a pastiche of the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci in two versions – one high-fashion, featuring super-models, the second firmly fundamentalistic, with ladies in burqas. Both have been criticised a lot for their audacity but I admit I am impressed by the imagination and the fresh approach of their creators. I think these photos actually constitute two works of art on their own!

I hope you had fun and I wish every reader  and visitor of this  blog a very creative, funny and productive year!

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9 Responses to New Year 2016 with a smile

  1. xaurianx says:

    Great post! I did enjoy it and even recognized Johnny Depp. Of course, he was disguised as a female before, in my favourite movie with him: Don Juan de Marco. I love it, so hard to see facts from fiction in that one.

  2. xaurianx says:

    Have a very good 2016 ladies!

  3. blodeuedd says:

    LOL, I like these

  4. Carole Rae says:

    The one is a rendition of Sailor Moon. 😉

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