She Moved Through the Fair (The Caitlin Ross series 02) by Katherine Lampe

Synopsis (from Goodreads):

Autumn brings a new music festival to Gordarosa, Colorado, and Caitlin Ross’s band is playing! Hoping to get through the event with a minimum of arguing over set lists and placement, Caitlin soon discovers more trials await her than the usual hassles of the music business. On the first night, she stumbles across the body of one of the festival’s promoters. What seems a natural death at first glance proves murder when Caitlin detects the residue of magic around the corpse. With no authority to believe her, it falls to Caitlin, the only witch in town, to trace the spell to its source and bring the perpetrator to justice.

The task appears straightforward, but murder is only the festival’s first calamity, and it’s not alone in having magical origins. A fairy amulet has unleashed the forces of chaos, and the resulting fights and riots put a hitch in Caitlin’s investigation. When she discovers the amulet belonged to the original victim, she suspects she’s found the motive for the crime. If she can find the amulet first, she can set a trap to reveal the murderer. To do so, however, she must wield a power unlike anything she’s ever dreamt of. The cost is her sanity, and possibly her life.

My impressions:

This review will prove beyond doubt that it doesn’t take a lot to make me purr like a satisfied kitten which has drunk a bowl of cream.  It’s enough you give me a real-life heroine with a band of nice secondary characters, throw a dash of magic here or there and plan the plot in a sensible way, neither too slow nor too fast.

Yes, I’ve read the second Caitlin Ross book, yes, I still have mainly good things to say about it and I would like to read the third part as well. Which is really not bad.

This time the novel is set during a music festival. Caitlin’s band, Red Branch, is going to perform there but meanwhile she gets another task: she has to find a very powerful, very magical Fae artifact which somehow found its way among people and is circulating in the crowds, wreaking havoc. It is able to fulfil wishes of its consecutive owners and once it is done it has to change the owner.  As you can guess there are wishes and wishes and some people simply don’t know what is good for them. Soon Caitlin finds out that there is at least one other human being looking for the same artifact but she has her husband by her side and Tintri Fionn, a white-like-snow demon turned almost human. Still who can trust a demon even if he smiles and promises to be good?

This part delved deep into the relationship between Caitlin and Timber showing that even in fantasy series you can take care of the character development if you only are determined to do so. The way how Caitlin grew, exploring her magical abilities and learning new things about herself and her husband too, was really the biggest asset of this one.

Any carping? The crime mystery was solved too quickly. Apart from that I admit the mix of Hindu, Greek and Celtic gods and goddesses I found a bit strange; overall I would rather the author kept to one mythology. Still I might forgive many sins a book that features an entity as enticing as Tintri Fionn, a coimhthíoch and a Foreigner who tries to fit in or Ordinary Joe, a brownie who lives in a movie theater (imagine that!).

Final verdict:

If you haven’t heard about this series then go to Amazon and make the necessary purchase – you won’t regret it. I so feel like including the song the title of this one comes from – hauntingly beautiful!


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  1. Carole Rae says:

    I love that cover.
    But the story? Mmmm…maybe. 🙂

  2. heidenkind says:

    Hmmmm. 🙂 I suppose one needs to read the first book first?

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