The Boy with the Painful Tattoo (Holmes & Moriarity 03) by Josh Lanyon

I decided to continue my blogging after all :D. Here is the proof – another review!

Synopsis (from Goodreads):

It’s moving day at Chez Holmes. Somehow, against Kit’s better instincts, he and J.X. are setting up house together. But while J.X. is off at a writing conference, Kit unpacks a crate that should contain either old books or new china. It doesn’t. Within the mounds of green Styrofoam popcorn is a dead body. A very dead body.

There goes the neighborhood.

My impressions:

A cozy murder mystery and a gay romance including some very perspicacious remarks about the life and problems of a writer – what not to like? Complaining about it would be highly unreasonable, especially that the novel’s title is a clever jab at Skandinavian prose (guess whose) and the book is visited by characters of other Josh Lanyon series (Adrien English). Such cameo appearances are a feature I adore. It would be all so very perfect if only the villains were presented in a different way.

Ok, I get it: the focus is on the pair of main protagonists, Christopher (Kit) Holmes and his love interest and live-in boyfriend, J.X. Moriarity. They are interesting, well-rounded characters and their relationship’s ups and downs are the thing what pushes the whole series forward. Fine. Still would it be so very hard to create at least one solid, three-dimensional baddie and let him (or her) wreak havoc in several chapters?

The book started so nice, that ‘body in a moving van’ was such a good idea. It became even nicer when the cadaver was identified as a former thief with a very colourful past. Then, unfortunately, all the fun ended. The brother of the deceased happened to be a halfwit, his fiancee was a hysterical nutcase with a dictator in her family (I wish he was given more space) and the only man who had any chance to play the villain properly well turned very quickly into just an amateur stalker. Near the end I couldn’t believe the whole ‘mystery’ was over so quickly. When I come to think about it I wish it all was solved by a cat – exactly like in one of cozy mysteries allegedly penned by Mr. Holmes.

Final verdict:

Fans of Josh Lanyon might adore this one but the mystery part was, in my humble opinion, a bit too bland and lack of a good baddie was keenly felt. Meh.

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8 Responses to The Boy with the Painful Tattoo (Holmes & Moriarity 03) by Josh Lanyon

  1. Melfka says:

    Cozy mystery with not much of a mystery? MEH indeed.
    (Though I should be happy. One less book to be added to the reading list. 😉 )

  2. blodeuedd says:

    Yay Meh monster

  3. Carole Rae says:

    Oooooh that Meh Monster. 😉
    LOL you better keep blogging!!! I enjoy your posts to much!!

  4. heidenkind says:

    Even the title isn’t as clever as it ought to be. Idk though, I feel like this regularly happens with Lanyon’s books.

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