Mini review: Tears of a Heart (Book 1 Kan Savasci Cycle) by Chase Blackwood

I got a complimentary copy of that one from the author in exchange for an honest review – thank you!


A motherless boy travelling alone to a foreign country. A ruthless dragon destroying his village. An annalist trying to uncover true beginnings of the Scourge of Bodig. Listen to a tale of  Kirin D’Velt  later known as Aeden, a Thane Sagan boy with snow-white hair. Kirin was a kovor’s son (so a kind of a princeling) , a fearless leader and a man widely feared. Still before that he had been just an orphaned kid, a disappointment to his father and the cause of death of his mother. How did he shape himself into a warrior? At the beginning of his road there were two months of solitude, a period of drug-induced madness and hunting for a shroud cat. And a dragon.

What I liked:

The maps – very detailed and rather professionally done. It is always a plus in a fantasy novel if the author can show you the actual shape and size of their new world.

Draccus fiends. Dragons.  For me an epic fantasy without a dragon is like a cat without a tail. I am proud to say this cat had a tail, no problem. Ok, maybe that tail was a bit too short…

The protagonist.  Kirin/Aeden was fun to follow around even if he was sometimes so predictable.

What I didn’t like:

One or two cases of split infinitives (an example: “He even spent some time figuring out how to most comfortably wear everything”).

Typos ( examples: “Aeden quickly grew found of Adel.”  “one shouldn’t steel water from the hand that measures it.”).

The monastery scenes – most of them were boring. I wanted dragons I got monks instead, too many monks to be honest – not fair. Apart from that the pace of the narration was sometimes too slow. I understand it is the first part of a series with much more to come but still…

Finally the names of people and places could have been more original. If I read about a monk called Neri and I find out he is, surprise, surprise, black, I wonder why did he need such a telltale name. Just my biased opinion.

Final verdict:

A solid beginning of a series – if it only was a bit faster, with fewer monks and more dragons, I would truly like it.

Rating icon. A hairless cat is wearing a santa hat and a sour expression. On the hat reads: meh.

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11 Responses to Mini review: Tears of a Heart (Book 1 Kan Savasci Cycle) by Chase Blackwood

  1. Melfka says:

    I’ve read the blurb you’ve provided and I thought “wow, this is one of the most uninteresting blurbs I’ve ever read.” That was enough to make me think I wouldn’t pick up the book.

  2. heidenkind says:

    Monks are almost always a bad idea

  3. blodeuedd says:

    More dragons are always good

  4. Carole Rae says:

    Booo to the monks. Huzzah to the dragons! I haven’t read any novels in a LONG time that starred those fun beasts.

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