Movie review: Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil directed by Mike Disa

Movie info (from Wikipedia):

Wolf (Patrick Warburton), Granny (Glenn Close), and Twitchy (Cory Edwards) are on a rescue mission to save Hansel and Gretel (Bill Hader and Amy Poehler) from an evil witch named Verushka (Joan Cusack). The plan goes wrong however and Granny is kidnapped as well. Meanwhile, Red (Hayden Panettiere) is in training with a mysterious group called the Sisters of the Hood where she learns that a secret all powerful truffle recipe has been stolen. She teams up with Wolf and Twitchy to find the recipe and save her grandma, but she and Wolf can’t get along and the team splits up. Meanwhile, Verushka, who stole the truffle recipe, tries to force Granny into making it for her. Will she succeed?

My impressions:

So. You take an old-gold fairy tale and present it with a twist. Wolf is not the biggest baddie around anymore, even witches are not the biggest baddies around. The black hat goes to KIDS. Yes, two cute, blonde, plump monsters. It was clever and original. Unfortunately it is about the only clever and original feature of that movie.

I grant it: the director tried to find a new integrity of the fractured fairy tale genre. Still some things are better left untouched. Little Red Riding Hood as a kind of Lara Croft cum James Bond cum Luke Skywalker cum Rashomon left me lukewarm at best, yawning at worst. The curse of the sequels worked for this one pretty well I suppose and I was told the first Hoodwinked movie was far better. Well, maybe. To be honest this one didn’t make me curious enough to check.

It seems the whole idea behind the scenario depended too much on dumb  ‘jokes’, rusty pop-culture references and inert action scenes and too little on logical plot and a firm understanding of the genre. Maybe it could be funny for children but certainly not for adults. Pity.

Final verdict:

Once upon a time reworked fairy tales with a twist made sense. Not this time, though. Even a  a jet-propelled motorcycle with sidecar couldn’t save the show for me. Meh.

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6 Responses to Movie review: Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil directed by Mike Disa

  1. Carole Rae says:

    Omg – they should left it alone after the first movie. The first was decent (not epic gold or anything, but doable). This? This looks like crud…I didn’t even know they made a sequel. I haven’t seen one add or trailer here in America.

  2. heidenkind says:

    I’ve never even heard of the first one. And now I know what to avoid 😉

  3. blodeuedd says:

    I can’t remember a thing from this one

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