Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris

Product info (from Goodreads):

Everyone knows a couple like Jack and Grace: he has looks and wealth, she has charm and elegance. You’d like to get to know Grace better. But it’s difficult, because you realize Jack and Grace are never apart. Some might call this true love.

Picture this: a dinner party at their perfect home, the conversation and wine flowing. They appear to be in their element while entertaining. And Grace’s friends are eager to reciprocate with lunch the following week. Grace wants to go, but knows she never will. Her friends call—so why doesn’t Grace ever answer the phone? And how can she cook such elaborate meals but remain so slim?

And why are there bars on one of the bedroom windows?

The perfect marriage? Or the perfect lie?

My impressions:

Eh, these bestsellers. They are basically clones of other bestsellers which had cloned even older bestsellers and so on.

I grant it, as a literary debut it wasn’t very bad. I suppose it would be a perfect airport position, something you could read in few hours and leave behind without a second thought. I enjoyed the ride up to a point. Still. I found both main characters, Grace and Jack Angel, rather cartoonish. Their emotions seemed as schematic as road signs. The plot started to bore me pretty soon too. The action was far too predictable for a thriller and there was too little psychological development to talk about a psychological novel. This book was nothing more than a good material for another editing session. And another. And maybe another one. However it seems the publishers wanted to find the next ‘Gone Girl’ or ‘The Girl on the Train’ so badly that accepted that half-baked, improbable story with a set of two-dimensional, bland characters too quickly and the marketing machine did the rest.

No, I didn’t like it. Not even the bit about the Down syndrome sister who saved the day. Sorry.

Final verdict:

Avoid bestsellers and if you are sorely tempted, don’t expect anything good from them.

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6 Responses to Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris

  1. heidenkind says:

    Even the title is completely forgettable

  2. Carole Rae says:

    My comment? Where did it go??? Le sigh. oh well.
    Umm…*tries to remember my thoughts*
    I generally don’t give a fig about “best sellers”. They are like any book out there. You never know if it will be your cup of tea or not. Not every book is for everyone. I find most people like the best sellers because they are supposed to.

    • There’s definitely that – the pressure from marketing specialists to make a book look ‘attractive’. So what the content might disappoint you? You’ve spent your money, that’s what counts the most.
      *Ana shakes fists at disappearing comments*

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