Movie review: Bohemian Rhapsody directed by Bryan Singer

Product info (from Fox Movies):

Bohemian Rhapsody is a foot-stomping celebration of Queen, their music and their extraordinary lead singer Freddie Mercury. Freddie defied stereotypes and shattered convention to become one of the most beloved entertainers on the planet. The film traces the meteoric rise of the band through their iconic songs and revolutionary sound. They reach unparalleled success, but in an unexpected turn Freddie, surrounded by darker influences, shuns Queen in pursuit of his solo career. Having suffered greatly without the collaboration of Queen, Freddie manages to reunite with his bandmates just in time for Live Aid. While bravely facing a recent AIDS diagnosis, Freddie leads the band in one of the greatest performances in the history of rock music. Queen cements a legacy that continues to inspire outsiders, dreamers and music lovers to this day.

My impressions:

A visual feast. A fantastic, electrifying soundtrack, especially during the Live Aid concert. A great actor (Rami Malek) impersonating Freddie Mercury with great aplomb. And yet I found this movie disturbingly formulaic. It was a perfect write-up and I expected something darker. I also had a feeling the story was being told with the benefit of hindsight. Malek’s Mercury was so strangely confident that everything would work out, and some of the dialogue was just too on the nose to ring true.

Still the worst was moralistic undertone, so at odds with different facts from Freddie’s life and his Queen’s career. I wish the director included glimpses of the famous 1977 launch party in New Orleans, featuring naked waiters, snake charmers, contortionists, drag queens, strippers dressed as nuns, and dwarves with platters of cocaine on their heads, a real Saturday Night in Sodom (and so it was called). Or a scene when Freddie gives a fan an autograph writing it on her naked bottom. Or at least that b-day cake of his.

Do you think his mum would approve?

But then the movie wouldn’t be marked as PG-13.

Final verdict:

A bowdlerized version of the ups and downs of Queen’s frontman. Still worth watching but not as fun as I hoped it would be.

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5 Responses to Movie review: Bohemian Rhapsody directed by Bryan Singer

  1. blodeuedd says:

    He could a boobie cake? HA

  2. Carole Rae says:

    I think they did dim it down to make it a lower in rating. If they included some more of the darker stuff it would’ve been an R for sure. The band members helped make this film so they probably gave the lighter version of the truth.

    And their mothers probably swooned when they saw that picture!

    • Hear, hear. As far as I know some ex band members actually co-financed the production and helped with the script. I bet they wanted a movie as uncontroversial as possible. Freddie is turning in his grave with outrage.

  3. heidenkind says:

    Rami Malek is really the only reason I want to watch this. Hopefully soon!

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