A Winter Haunting (Season of Horrors 03) by Dan Simmons

Product info (from Goodreads):

A once-respected college professor and novelist, Dale Stewart has sabotaged his career and his marriage — and now darkness is closing in on him. In the last hours of Halloween he has returned to the dying town of Elm Haven, his boyhood home, where he hopes to find peace in isolation. But moving into a long-deserted farmhouse on the far outskirts of town — the one-time residence of a strange and brilliant friend who lost his young life in a grisly “accident” back in the terrible summer of 1960 — is only the latest in his long succession of recent mistakes. Because Dale is not alone here. He has been followed to this house of shadows by private demons who are now twisting his reality into horrifying new forms. And a thick, blanketing early snow is starting to fall … 

My impressions:

I am really tempted to write a very short review. Like ‘record-short’. I suppose it would be enough to say that A Winter Haunting was, in my very humble opinion, far weaker and less interesting than the Hyperion Cantos or Ilium series. But, of course, I know it won’t do. You might even accuse me of sounding like somebody else ;p so let me add another paragraph. Just one.

Dale Steward, the main character of this book, let me down by his lack of purpose in self-destruction and inner strength to carry out his plan (providing he had one). His long-dead friend’s haunted (?) house let me down as well because it was hardly spooky. The author didn’t manage to interest me in the mystery enough to make me try to guess the outcome and I was especially unimpressed by the band of neo-nazi punks who appeared out of nowhere and disappeared when it was the most convenient for the narration. Finally the supernatural occurences were hardly explained. They just happened – or not. As I said, not impressive at all.

Final verdict:

Boring, lackluster, with skeletal plot and a hero who annoyed me to no end – overall not a book I would recommend so I won’t bother with the rest of the series.

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  1. blodeuedd says:

    Yeah, no thanks to annoying hero

  2. Carole Rae says:

    Bleh. It seems tempting…but no thank you m’am!

  3. heidenkind says:

    Drood was enough for me. Lol

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