Movie review: Serial (Bad) Weddings (2014) directed by Philippe de Chauveron

Product info (mainly from Wikipedia):

Claude Verneuil (Christian Clavier), a Gaullist notary, and his wife Marie (Chantal Lauby), a Catholic bourgeois from Chinon, are proud parents of four daughters: Isabelle, Odile, Ségolène, and Laure. The three eldest are already married. Unfortunately their husbands are of a different religion and a different ethnic origin – a Jew, an Arab, and a Chinese. The Verneuils of course pretend to accept their sons-in-law – it’s not Middle Ages, what other option is left? – but sometimes they have a hard time hiding their discomfort at the thought that there are so many people from outside the community in their family. Some neighbours call them even communists. That’s why they hope their youngest, Laure, a bright lawyer working for tv, will choose the right man: white, French, Catholic, more or less conservative, in short a son-in-law they could be proud of.

One day Laure announces she wants to marry Her fiance’s name is Charles, he is Catholic, he is French, but there is a catch: he comes from the Ivory Coast.  How will her parents react meeting Charles for the first time? How will his parents react he wants to marry a white woman?

My impressions:

This movie was a great hit in France but in other countries people’s reactions were mixed. The original title, in literal translation: “What Have We Done To Dear God?”, explains quite a lot. It is a movie about people who pretend they are open-minded, tolerant, and quite happy with their ‘colourful’ family and their daughters’ choices but deep down they regret every second spent in the company of their sons-in-law. Yes, they could be called crypto-racists but they weren’t the only ones – the sons-in-law showed their share of racism too. No political correctness included, no holds barred, every racist joke told loud and clear, even emphasized. I liked that attitude.

What I didn’t like were the characters. The daughters seemed to be like Barbie dolls – pretty, slim, tall, with just superficial differences but with no original features. The same could be said about their chosen ones – even though they came from different cultural backgrounds they were basically clones of themselves, tall, handsome, fit, well-educated, quite devoted to their white counterparts. I think it wasn’t such a great hardship to accept such people in any family, even the most conservative one.

Final verdict:

I quite enjoyed watching this movie and I recommend it to anybody tired by political correctness but I am not sure whether I would like to try the sequel. I fear it might be even more schematic, character-wise.

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6 Responses to Movie review: Serial (Bad) Weddings (2014) directed by Philippe de Chauveron

  1. heidenkind says:

    Is this like the French version of Get Out?

  2. blodeuedd says:

    I like that they did not hold back, an American movie would have hold back, but hey people are assholes and that should be shown

    • My feelings exactly. It was really funny when the Jew and the Arab had a go at each other and then the Chinese boy criticized them all as harshly as his father-in-law… and then came the black parents of the son-in-law-to-be number four and it was a hoo!

  3. Carole Rae says:

    I like it! Good find! I wanna watch it

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