Essays and interviews


A truly scary story – one case of witch hunt

Of porcelain and men

All for love

Emblematic still life with flagon, glass, jug and bridle

The Last Habsburgs series:

World history essays:

A portrait of a lady with a gold fish (Lady Georgiana Spencer)

Roxolana or Turkish Delight

A history of St. Valentine’s Day

Lisowczycy or the 17th century James Bond unit from Poland

Money won’t make you happy – a story of a marriage (Mary Eleanor Bowes, Countess of Strathmore)

St Valentine’s special: like mother like daugher (Beata z Kościeleckich Łaska and Halshka z Ostroga)

Princess in Love (Marianne of the Netherlands, Princess of Orange-Nassau)

Theory of literature essays:

History of the vampire myth in literature:

Midsummer and its celebrations in different countries

May Day

History of alchemy:

The Masquerade – Venetian carnival and masks

A monster of Glamis?

Falling Star

Long live the zipper

Chocolate – what else?

Our sweet consolation or devil’s candy?

Hand of Glory

The Fifth of November

A case study of one urban legend – the Unlucky Mummy

The most fascinating libraries in the world:

La Voisin or 17th century self-made woman

Shakespeare or not Shakespeare? That is the question

Blue Moon – is it real?

Cute Plant from Hell

The Affair of the Diamond Necklace

A Question about the Olympic Games (concerning Sochi 2014, written by Rameau)

The Devil’s Experiment or How Anachronist Has Turned into a Brazen Plagiarist Hussy

Plants worth having around you


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