Rating system

I do not have a proper rating system here- no points,  stars, flowers, hearts, cups or whatever you can think of. It is deliberate. I’ve always been of the opinion that the descriptive assessment of a book or a movie is the best as it is also the most flexible one, allowing to encompass many subtle differences, sometimes so important for the reviewer and for the readers.
The books I consider to be truly original and outstanding, the ones that have left me simply speechless and rather unwilling to read anything else for a significant amount of time will be rewarded a  distinction: this little, shiny button.
Unfortunately bad books happen as well from time to time and here is the appropriate badge for  such hopeless  flops:

In order to cover also that pesky middle ground Rameau (once a co-writer of this blog) came with the idea of a third button: meh. It features a lovely sphinx kitten. 🙂
For romantic fiction I created such a lovely, pink meh monster, a bit similar to me ;p
‘Meh’ means roughly that the book was so-so; perhaps not completely hopeless but still somehow lacking in the awesomeness department.
Finally if  the same book is reviewed twice, it might feature such a button:
I hope it straightens things up for you!

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