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Movie review: Interstellar (2014) directed by Christopher Nolan

Product info (from Wikipedia): Sometime in the 21st century, a series of crop blights on Earth threatens humanity’s survival. Joseph Cooper (Mathew McConaughey), a widowed former NASA pilot, runs a farm with his father-in-law, son Tom (Casey Affleck), and daughter … Continue reading

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Movie review: Under The Skin by Jonathan Glazer (based on a book by Michael Faber)

Cast Scarlett Johansson (see the poster) Jeremy McWilliams Joe Szula Michael Moreland Dave Acton Jessica Mance Synopsis: An alien girl called Scarlett (not her real name I am sure but, as she is never properly introduced to the viewer, let’s … Continue reading

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Movie review: Her directed by Spike Jonze

Synopsis: A not-so-distant but definitely futuristic Los Angeles. Theodore Twombley (Joaquin Phoenix) is a sweet, sensitive thirty something guy, undergoing a mid-life crisis in a form of a civilized divorce with Catherine (Rooney Mara). As he is left alone in his … Continue reading

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