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Series review: Black Sun’s Daughter part 01-05 (Unclean Spirits, Darker Angels, Vicious Grace, Killing Rites, Graveyard Child) by M.L.N. Hanover

Series synopsis: Jayné (Zha-nay) Heller is a drop-out college girl practically friendless, jobless and alienated from her upright, conservative family. Her father threw her out when she decided to study at a secular uni, not the one he, a devout Christian fundamentalist, … Continue reading

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The death of the Borgias

Three years and it’s over. Done before its time. But as in the time of the Borgia Pope, money still makes the world go around and the network executives rather keep the coins in their pockets rather than bless their … Continue reading

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Series review: Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward

First of all: here you can find the titles of novels as listed on Goodreads, available in Black Dagger Brotherhood series. And much more. You might notice that the series enjoys overall a very high ranking – that’s why I was … Continue reading

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Review:Millenium series by Stieg Larsson: The Girl who Played with Fire (02), The Girl who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest (03).

Image by clayworkshop via Flickr Why I read it at all: I think I need to explain myself. A friend of mine, knowing about my new ereader, tempted me horribly, sending two e-books by Stieg Larsson. I had read the … Continue reading

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