Review Policy

I would be happy to accept books for review. 

Before you send me anything, however, please read some examples of my reviews to know my style:  browse the blog on your own, use the Book Reviews Directory or just follow the links below:

Mind you these are just examples; I can do better and worse too. Overall I tend to be quite snarky when I don’t like a book and I usually pull no punches  – please DO take it into account. Still rest assured it’ll never be personal.

Depending on the book and the amount of time at my disposal I might end up writing a full length review or a mini review. This includes DNF (did not finish) reviews with an indication of a page number or a percentage of the stopping point.

If your book is an example of  romantic fiction of any kind (historical, paranormal, sci-fi, fantasy, contemporary or else), please read my essays concerning that genre so you know what to expect. Here are the links:

As it is an international blog I will review books in English. I accept published books (self-publishing included) and ARCs. I am not compensated for any reviews on this site – it’s enough you send me a copy, digital or not, free of charge. However, it also means you will not be able to influence the review in any way. In other words, no matter whether I like or dislike your work, I will always state it loud and clear, without sugarcoating or fawning. If you find it hard to accept candid criticism, think twice before submitting.If you do submit, however, it is stipulated you have  got acquainted with my review policy, writing style, snarkiness level, and accepted them in full 

Be sure that:
• My personal reasons for liking or disliking the book will be always given and explained,
•  Copies of your book will not be circulated on any site or peer2peer network,
• I will not spoil, especially when it comes to ARCs. If my review includes spoilers they will be properly marked and masked.

If you wish I can include :

• Links to Publisher/Author website
• Images of the specific book cover art, video promo etc.

If you have a specific request like e.g. when you’d like the review to go up, please make sure to include this in your message. I review e-books as long as they are in pdf or epub formats.

Genres I usually read and review:
– Fantasy
– Steampunk
– Science fiction
-Historical fiction
– Contemporary fiction
– Paranormal romance
– Crime and mystery
– Historical romance
– Biographies
– Nonfiction 

A nice, oval, feminine shape ;p mind you it is definitely not a full list and it might change.

What else? 

I reserve myself the right to refuse to review any book without stating the reasons.

You will be notified if I agree to review a book and if I write a review you will be sent a link and given an opportunity to comment. If I reject your book for any reasons you won’t be contacted by me at all – sorry but my blogging time is too limited for refusals.

 One more remark: 

This blog is being written in my free time. It is neither my job nor a family nor both. It might happen that I accept your book for reviewing and then don’t have time to read it at all due to real life problems – real life is sometimes a pain in the bottom so that’s always a possibility. If you don’t want to take such a risk, don’t contact me at all. I can’t promise ANYTHING 100%. Tomorrow I might even be dead and so might you.

Thank you for your visit,time and understanding!

If you still want to submit (how very brave of you) you can contact me by sending an e-mail to:

portiabridget (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk.

Edited to Add :

After contacting me do make sure your e-mail box won’t block my reply or treat it as spam. It’s happened several times that, after sending my acceptance I was informed that my e-mail simply “bounced” and that was it. Pity.


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