Book Reviews Directory


Aaron Rachel – Nice Dragons Finish Last (Heartstrikers 01)

Aaronovitch Ben –

Abbott Megan – Die A Little

Abbott Rachel –

Abnett Dan –

Adichie Chimamanda Ngozi – Purppuranpunainen hibiscus (Purple Hibiscus)

Adler Polly – A House Is Not A Home

Aguirre Ann –

Ahern Cecelia – Love, Rosie

Ahern David –

Alexander Tasha – And Only To Deceive (Lady Emily 01)

Alten Steve – Domain (Mayojen testamentti) (The Domain trilogy 01)

Ancona Jason – Covert Youth Agency, The Case of Tangled Love

Anderson Peter – Unspeakable (The)

Andrews Ilona –

Antoniou Laura – The Killer Wore Leather

Arasse Daniel – Take A Closer Look

Arnim von Elizabeth – Vera

Arvin Eric – Galley Proof

Aslan Reza – Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth anachronist, rameau

Atkinson Kate –

Atwood Margaret – Handmaid’s Tale

Austen Jane –


Baker Jeremy – Drawing in the Dark (anthology)

Bakker R. Scott – The Darkness That Comes Before

Balzac de Honore –  Splendeurs et misères des courtisanes (A Harlot High and Low)

Banks Annamarie – The Hermetica of Elysium

Banks Iain –

Barbieri Heather – Lace Makers of Glenmara

Barcelos Renata F. –

Barclay James – Dawnthief (Chronicles of the Raven 01)

Bardugo Leigh – Six of Crows (Six of Crows 01)

Bartram R.L. – Dance the Moon Down

Bassen L. S. – Summer of the Long Knives

Beckett Chris – Dark Eden (Dark Eden 01)

Beecroft Alex – His Heart’s Obsession

Bell Odette C. –Witch’s Bell Book One

Bergen Andrez – Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat

Bergen Lisa T. – The River of Time series (Waterfall, Cascade, Torrent)

Bilyeau Nancy – The Crown

Birk Tommy – Zero God

Birkegaard Mikkel – Death Sentence

Bishop Anne – Shalador’s Lady (The Black Jewels 08)

Black Jenna – Rogue Descendant (Nikki Glass 03)

Black Theda – What I Need

Blackwood Chase – Tears of a Heart ( Kan Savasci Cycle 01)

Blain R.J. – Inquisitor (A Witch and Wolf novel)

Blaskovitc Eva A. – Beyond the Precipice

Bliss Karina –

Bodard Aliette de – House of Shattered Wings (The)

Bonilla Amanda – Shaedes of Gray (Shaede Assassin 01)

Bordet Katharina – The Coffee Legacy (Wiener Blut 01)

Borys Debra R. – Box of Rain (Street Stories 03)

Bourne Phylllis – Taste for Temptation

Bowen Kelly –

Bowen Rhys – Tell Me, Pretty Maiden (Molly Murphy Mysteries 07)

Bradford Karleen – Angeline

Braxton B.A. – Pigeon Blood

Brown Pierce – Red Rising (Red Rising 01)

Brentwood Charlotte – Vagabond Vicar (the)

Brett Peter V. – Warded Man (The) (Demon Cycle 01)

Briggs Patricia – Cry Wolf (Alpha and Omega series 01)

Brommer Timothy – Snorr’s Saga

Brontë Anne – The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

Brooke Amanda – Yesterday’s Sun

Brookner Anita – Hotel du Lac

Brooks Max – World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War

Brown Dan –

Brown Pierce – Red Rising (Red Rising 01)

Brown Richard – The Gift of Illusion

Buck Vera – Runa

Burnett C.M. – Monarch

Bryson Bill – A Short History of Nearly Everything

Brzezińska Anna – Waters as Deep as the Sky (Wody głębokie jak niebo)

Buhmann Elizabeth – Lay At Her Door

Bunce Elizabeth C. –

Burnett C.M. – Monarch

Buroker Lindsay – Emperor’s Edge (Emperor’s Edge 01)

Burrowes Grace – Soldier (Duke’s Obsession 02)

Bury Britt – The Darkest Day (Immortal Heat 01)

Butcher Jim –

Butler Octavia E. – Fledgling

Byrne Kerrigan – Highwayman (The) (Victorian Rebels 01)


Cain James M. – Root Of His Evil (The)

Caletti, Deb –

Callihan Kristen –

Cameron Kenneth – The Bohemian Girl (Denton 02)

Camilleri Andrea – Wings of the Sphinx (The) (Inspector Montalbano 11)

Card, Orson Scott – Ender’s Game

Carmack Cora – Losing It (anachronist, rameau)

Carey Mike – Naming of the Beasts (The) (Felix Castor 05)

Carey M.R. – The Girl With All the Gifts

Carr Caleb –

Carr Carol K. –

Carré (le) John –

Carriger Gail –

Carter Chris – Evil Mind (An) (Robert Hunter 06)

Cashore Kristin – Graceling

Cassidy Amos – Crimson Midnight (Crimson 01)

Cast P.C. and Cast Kristin – Hunted (House of Night 05)

Castell de Sebastien – Knight’s Shadow  (Greatcoats 02)

Castillo Price Jordan – Among the Living (PsyCop 01)

Celeste Mercy – Two Point Conversion

Chabon, Michael –

Chadwick Elizabeth –

Chang Jung – Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China

Chandler Raymond –

Charles K. J.-

Chase Brindle – Dark is the Night (Dark Justice)

Chase Loretta –

Chevalier Tracy –

Chiang Ted – Stories of Your Life and others (anthology)

Choderlos de Laclos Pierre Ambroise François – Dangerous Liaisons (Les Liaisons dangereuses)

Chu Wesley – Time Salvager

Clarke Ros – Flirting With The Camera

Clear Robert – The Cambridge List

Cleeves Ann – Hidden Depths (Vera Stanhope 03)

Cole Kresley – Lothaire

Colfer Eoin – Plugged

Colgan Jenny – Talking to Addison

Collins Nancy A. – Right Hand Magic (Goghotam 01)

Collins Suzanne – The Hunger Games Trilogy  rameau

Connor Cat – Soundbyte (Byte o5)

Cooper-Posey Tracy – Heart of Vengeance (Jewels of Tomorrow 05)

Corey James S.A. – Leviatan Wakes (The Expanse 01)

Cornick Nicola – Whisper of Scandal (Seikkailijatar) (The Scandalous Women of the Ton 01)

Cornwell Bernard – Azincourt 

Cosway L.H. –

Cox John T. – Hitler’s Ashes: How Hitler’s Assassination Leads to the Development of Germany’s Atomic Bomb

Craney Glen – The Yanks Are Starving (A Novel of the Bonus Army)

Cready Gwyn – A Novel Seduction

Creagh Kelly –

Cremer Andrea – Nightshade

Creasy Sara –

Cronin Justin – Passage (The) (The Passage 01)

Cross Kady –

Cross Kaylea – Tactical Strike (Bagram Special Ops 02)

Cruz M.T. – Invisible Force (The) (AATIC 01)

Cullars Sharon – Gold Mountain

Cunningham Laine – He Drinks Poison


Dahl Victoria – Enough to Love (Jackson 01.6)

Dakin Erica –

  • Ritual (The) (Theft and Sorcery 01)
  • Conspiracy (The) (Theft and Sorcery 02)
  • Coup (The) (Theft and Sorcery 03)

Dane Lauren – Threat of Darkness (Witches Knot 06)

Dare Kim – Duck! (Avian Shifters 01)

Dark Emmie – In His Eyes

Davis Cooper – A King Undone

Davis Jennifer Anne – Cage of Deceit (Reign of Secrets 01)

Day Sylvia – Wish List (White Hot Holidays)

Dee Bonnie (with Summer Devon) – The Psychic and the Sleuth

DePaul Virna – Shades of Desire (Special Investigations Group 01)

Devlyn Tracey – A Lady’s Revenge (Nexus 01)

Devon Summer (with Bonnie Dee) – The Psychic and the Sleuth

Dickens Charles – Bleak House

Diener Michelle – Banquet of Lies (Regency London 02)

Dixen Victor – Phobos (Phobos 01)

Dodd Roy – Sciaphobia

Dolon Hickmon M. – 13:24 A Story of Faith and Obsession

Donoghue Emma – Room

Dostoevsky Fyodor – The Idiot

Downum Amanda – The Necromancer Chronicles (The Drowning City, The Bone Palace, Kingdoms of Dust)

Doyle Arthur Conan –

Doyle Kevin R. –

Draven Grace –

Dreiser Theodore – American Tragedy (An)

Dukaj Jacek – The Old Axolotl: Hardware Dreams (Starość Aksolotla)

Duncan Dave – The Gilded Chain, Lord of the Fire Lands, Sky of Swords  (King’s Blades series 01-03).

Durrow Heidi W. – The Girl who Fell From the Sky

Dyachenko Sergey and Marina – Scar (The)


Eccles G.W. – Corruption of Power

Eco Umberto – The Name of the Rose

Elsberg Marc – Zero

Essex Vicki – Back to the Good Fortune Diner 

Estep Jennifer –

Exley W. A. – Hatshepsut’s Collar (The Artifact Hunters 02)


Faber Michel – The Crimson Petal and The White

Fagerholm Monika – Lola ylösalaisin (Lola uppochner) 

Fay Simon – People in Season

Fayette (de la) Marie – Princesse de Cleves

Fforde Jasper –

Fielding Liz – The Bride’s Baby

Fielding Tia – When I Say When

Fisher Catherine –

Flinn Alex – Beastly

Florand Laura –

Flynn Gillian – Gone Girl

Fox Chris – No Such Thing as Werewolves

Fox Harper –

Forster E.M. –

Foulk S.E. – AngelFall I  (A Novel of Hell)

Francis Dick –

Francis Manna –

Frank Thaisa – Enchantment

Freeman Anna – Fair Fight (the)

French Tana – In the Woods (Dublin Murder Squad 01)

Fritz Edwin K. – Man Hunt (Man Hunt 01)

Frost Jeaniene – Half Way to the Grave (Night Huntress 01)

Furst Alan –


Galbraith Robert (a.k.a. J.K. Rowling) –

Garlick Jaqueline E. – Lumiere (The Illumination Paradox 01)

Garton Ray – Live Girls

Garvis-Graves Tracey – On The Island

Gedge Pauline –

Gibson William – Idoru

Goethe von Johann Wolfgang – The Sorrows of Young Werther

Graham Heather – Keeper of the Night (The Keepers: L.A. 01)

Grahame- Smith Seth (based on Jane Austen) – Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Gran Sara – Dope

Green Layton –

Gregg Kari – Collared

Grell Mike (with Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg) – Arrow Vol. 1

Griffith Clay and Susan –

Grover Swank Denise – After Math (Off the Subject 01)

Guggenheim Marc (with Andrew Kreisberg and Mike Grell) – Arrow Vol. 1

Guin (le) Ursula K. –


Haag M.J. –

Haggerty D.E. –

Haimowitz Rachel – Anchored (Belonging 01)

Halle Karina – Sins and Needles (The Artists Trilogy 01)

Hand Elizabeth – Mortal Love

Hanover M.L.N. – Black Sun’s Daughters-series review

Hamilton Peter F. – Fallen Dragon

Hamilton Laurell K. – Guilty Pleasures (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter 01)

Hand Elizabeth – Mortal Love

Harrington Hannah – Speechless

Harris Charlaine –

Harris Daisy – Freshman: Uncut (Ivory Towers 01)

Harris Robert – The Ghost

Harrison Kim – Dead Witch Walking (The Hollows 01)

Harrison Thea – Dragon Bound (Elder Races 01)

Hart Megan – Dirty (anachronist, rameau)

Hatt Kevin E.- Full Circle

Hawk Jordan L. – Necropolis (Whyborne & Griffin 04)

Hawkins Paula – Girl on the Train (The)

Haymore Jennifer – Secrets of an Accidental Duchess

Heath Russell – Broken Angels

Hely Steve – How I Became a Famous Novelist

Henry Deborah – The Whipping Club

Henry Lisa –

Henwick Mark – Sleight of Hand (Bite Back 01)

Herrin Judith – Byzantium: The Surprising Life of a Medieval Empire 

Herzog Rudolph – A Short History of Nuclear Folly anachronist, rameau

Hewson David –

Heyer Georgette –

Hickmon M. Dolon – 13:24- A Story of Faith and Obsession

Higashino Keigo – Malice

Hill Joe –

Hill L.K. Citadels of Fire

Hildenbrandt Heather – Dirty Blood (Dirty Blood 01)

Hines Jim C. –

Hirsch Reece – Adversary (The) (A Chris Bruen novel)

Hoffman Alice – The River King

Hoffman Eva – Lost in Translation

Hoover Colleen – It Ends With Us

Howey Hugh – Cating Off (Wool 03)

Hoyt Elizabeth – The Raven Prince (Princes Trilogy 01) anachronist, rameau

Huff Tanya – Blood Lines (Vicky Nelson 03)

Hull E.M. – The Sheik

Hunter Kelly – Her Singapore Fling

Hurley Kameron – God’s War (Bel Dame Apocrypha 01) anachronist, rameau

Hutchinson Dave – Europe in Autumn


Ishiguro Kazuo – Never Let Me Go,( anachronist, rameau)

Itäranta Emmi: Teemestarin kirja ( Memory of Water)

Izmailova Kira – Higher Magic


Jääskeläinen Pasi Ilmari – Lumikko ja yhdeksän muuta (The Rabbit Back Literature Society) 

Jacobs Annabelle – Capture (Torsere Series 01)

Jalo Alexander – Traces (TML book 01)

James Julie –

Janda Allison – Sex, Murder and Killer Cupcakes

Jemisin N.K. –

Jenkins Beverly – Destiny’s Embrace

Jennings Evangeline – Riding In Cars with Girls (anthology)

Joh Rowland Laura – Samurai’s Wife (The) (Sano Ichiro 05)

Johansen Erika – Queen of the Tearling (the)

Johnson, Craig –

Johnson, Jean –

Jordan Robert, Sanderson Brandon – The Wheel of Time series

Jordan Sophie – Firelight (Firelight 01)

Joyce James – Ulysses


Kane Ashlyn – American Love Songs

Kane Stacia –

Kearsley Susanna –  Mariana 

Kelly Cathy – Rakkautta rivien välissä (Past Secrets)

Kennedy Sean – Tigers & Devils (Tigers & Devils 01)

Kennedy Stacey – The Cat’s Meow (Witch’s Brew 01)

Kent Jasper –

Kessel Jo – Weak at the Knees

Kimm Gabrielle – The Courtesan’s Lover

King Samantha Ann – Sharing Hailey (Lovers & Friends 01)

King Stephen – Carrie

Kizer Tim – Intoxication

Klassen Julie – Apothecary’s Daughter (The)

Klein Alina – Rape Girl

Kleypas Lisa –

Koch Gini – Touched by an Alien

Kostova Elizabeth – Historian (The)

Kowal Mary Robinette – Shades of Milk & Honey (Glamourist Histories 01)

Kreisberg Andrew (with Marc Guggenheim and Mike Grell) – Arrow Vol.1

Krinard Susan


Labbe Marguerite (with Fae Sutherland) – Gladiator’s Master

Lachlan M.D. –

Lallo Joseph R. – Book of Deakon (The)

Lamb Daphne – Girl’s Guide to the Apocalypse (the)

Lampe Katherine –

Lansdale Joe R. – Devil Red (Hap and Leonard 08)

Lanyon Josh –

Larkin Patrick – Tribune (the)

Larsson Stieg – The Girl Who Played with Fire (Salander/Millenium 02) The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest (Salander/Millenium 03)

Lauren Kate – Fallen

Laurenston Shelly – Pack Challenge (Magnus Pack 01)

Lawrence Mark –

Lawson Angel – FanGirl

Lear James – A Sticky End (Mitch Mitchell Mystery 03)

Leckie Ann – Ancillary Justice (Imperial Radch 01)

Ledwidge Michel (and James Patterson) – The Quickie

Lee Carrell Jennifer –

Lee Smith R. –

Lee Sullivan – Brightwing

Lee Tanith – Faces Under Water (The Secret Book of Venus 01)

Lee Y.S. –

Lem Stanisław- Solaris

Lewycka Marina – A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian 

Liss David –

Llywelyn Morgan – After Rome: A Novel of Celtic Britain

London Cecilia – Dissident (The Bellator Saga 01)

Longley Barbara – Heart of the Druid Laird

Lopez Lolita – Dead Sexy Dragon (Dragon Heat 01)

Lord Karen – The Best of All Possible Worlds

Lore Pittacus – I Am Number Four (Lorien Legacies 01)

Lovegrove James – Age of Ra (The) (The Pantheon 01)

Ludlum Robert – The Bourne Identity (The Bourne Trilogy 01)

Läckberg Camilla – 


MacLean Sarah – A Rogue By Any Other Name (Rules of Scoundrels 01)

MacLeod Ken – Cosmonaut Keep (Engines of Light 01)

Mann George – Osiris Ritual (The) (Newburry and Hobbes 02)

Mantel Hilary – Wolf Hall

Manzini Antonio – Black Run (Rocco Schiavone 01)

Marani Diego – New Finnish Grammar

March Ava – Brook Street series

Marchetta Melina –

Marsh JJ – Behind Closed Doors

Martel Yann – Life of Pi

Martin George R.R. –

Marx Elizabeth – Cutters vs. Jocks

Masson Madeleine – Christine : SOE Agent & Churchill’s Favourite Spy

Maurier du Daphne – Rebecca

Mayberry Sarah –

Mazzuca Debbie – King of the Isles

McCammon Robert R. – Wolf’s Hour

McClellan Brian – Promise of Blood (Powder Mages 01)

McDaniel Lurlene – Breathless

McGarry Katie –

McGuire Jamie – Beautiful Disaster

McGuire Seanan – Ashes of Honor (October Daye 06)

McHugh Maureen F. – Nekropolis

McHugh Steve – Crimes Against Magic (The Hellequin Chronicles 01)

McKee Charnas Suzy – The Vampire Tapestry

McMaster Bec – Kiss of Steel (London Steampunk 01)

McNeill Graham – Ambasador (The)

Mendez Antonio – Argo

Merrow J.L. –

Merkle Riley Judith – A Vision of Light (Margaret of Ashbury 01)

Meyer Marissa –

Merz Jon F. – The Fixer: A Lawson Vampire novel

Mieville China – The City and the City

Milan Courtney –

Miller Cait – Unconventional Romance

Miller Fenella J. – Miss Bannerman and the Duke

Miller Jackson Jack –

Miller Karen –

Miller Kristin – Forbidden Fate (Isle of Feralon 02)

Mitchell David – Cloud Atlas 

Mitchell Siri – Unrivaled

Moggach Deborah – Tulip Fever

Moggach Lottie – Kiss Me First

Moning Karen Marie – Darkfever (Fever 01)

Morgan Richard K. – Altered Carbon (Takeshi Kovacs 01)

Morgenstern Erin – Night Circus (The)

Moore Marshall – Bitter Orange

Morais Richard C. – The Hundred-Foot Journey

Moran Michelle –

Morgan Kathleen – Child of the Mist (These Highland Hills 01)

Morgan Richard K. – Altered Carbon (Takeshi Kovacs 01)

Morton Alison – Inceptio (Nova Roma 01)

Mostert Natasha – Season of the Witch

Mott Jason – The Returned prequels: The First, The Sparrow, The Choice

Murakami Haruki – Norwegian Wood


Nehamen Dennis A. – Mistaken Enemy

Neill Chloe –

Némirovsky Irène – Ranskalainen sarja (Suite Francaise) 

Nesbø Jo –

Ness Patrick – The Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Walking 01)

Neville Katherine –

Newman Emma – Between Two Thorns (The Split Worlds 01)

Northcote Jay –

Novik Naomi – His Majesty’s Dragon (Temeraire 01)

Nuest A.J. –


O’Neill Ken – The Marrying Kind

Oates Joyce Carol – The Corn Maiden and Other Nightmares

O’Connor Kat – Descent Macabre

Ohler Norman – Drugs in the Third Reich

O’Reilly Sally – Dark Aemilia

Oksanen Sofi –

Orwell, George – 1984 (Vuonna 1984)


Pagliassotti Dru – Clockwork Heart

Palahniuk Chuck – Choke

Paretsky Sara –

Paris B.A. – Behind Closed Doors

Patricio Anna – Asenath

Patterson James (and Michael Ledwidge) – The Quickie

Peeler Nicole – Tempest Rising (Jane True 01)

Peters S.M. – Whitechapel Gods

Pevel Pierre – Cardinal’s Blades (Les Lames du Cardinal 01)

Poitevin Linda – Sins of the Angels (The Grigori Legacy 01)

Polansky Daniel – Low Town (Low Town 01)

Pratchett Terry (with Neil Gaiman) – Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch 

Pruitt Rachael – The Dragon’s Harp (Era of Dragon’s: The Lost Tales of Gwenhwyfar series 01)


Quinn Julia – A Night Like This


Rai Alisha – Night Whispers (ShadowLands 01)

Rains Christine – Fearless

Rand, Ayn – Atlas Shrugged

Raterman David – The River Panj

Reamer Sharon Kae –

Reany Daniel P. – Dateline Jerusalem – Zion Falling

Reiss Tom – Glory, Revolution, Betrayal and the Real Count of Monte Christo

Reisz Tiffany –

Richardson Kat – Greywalker (Greywalker 01)

Ridley Glynis – The Discovery of Jeanne Baret

Risenberg Richard – The Dust Will Answer

Robson Justina – Keeping It Real (Quantum Gravity 01)

Rochon Farrah – Huddle with me Tonight (New York Sabers Football 02)

Romain Theresa – Season for Surrender (Holiday Pleasures 02)

Ross Pauline M. – Plains of Kallanash (The) (Brightmoon Annals 01)

Roth Veronica – Divergent (Divergent 01)

Rowland Diana –

Roux, Abigail (with Madeine Urban) –

Rowling J.K. –

Ruggle Katie – Hold Your Breath (Search and Rescue 01)

Ryan Amy Kathleen – Glow (Sky Chasers 01)


Saadia Zoe –

Sabatini Rafael – Scaramouche

Sakurai Shari – Adam

Salo Carrie – The Sounding

Sawh V.M. – GR3T3L (Good Tales for Bad Dreams 04)

Sayer Mathew – Guerilla Internet

Scott M.C. – The Eagle of the Twelfth (Rome 03)

Scott Overton (a.k.a Carol Carr) – Battle Not With Monsters (a Neen Ford thriller)

Seville Jane – Zero at the Bone (Zero at the Bone 01)

Shakespeare William – Romeo and Juliet

Sharpe Dennis – Wednesday

Shepard Lucius – Dragon Griaule (The)

Shinn Sharon –

Shrum Kory M. – Dying for a Living (Jesse Sullivan 01)

Shuman Ellis – Burgas Affair (The)

Silva Daniel –

Silver Lynne – Love, Technically

Silver Selene Grace –

Simmons Dan –

Singh Nalini –

Sloan Robin – Mr. Penumbra’s 24-H Book Store

Smith Amelia – Scrapplings (Anamat 01)

Smith Tom Rob – Child 44 (Leo Demidov 01)

Smitowicz Jan – Orange Rain

Snyder Suleikha – Bollywood and the Beast (Bollywood Confidential 03)

Spann Susan – Claws of the Cat (Shinobi Mysteries 01)

Spencer Tali – Thick as Thieves

Starrling A.D. – Soul Meaning (Seventeen)

Stephenson Neal –

Stevens Amanda – Restorer (The) (Graveyard Queen 01)

Steward Mary – Touch Not The Cat

Stuart Anne –

Strayed Cheryl – Wild (compared to the movie with the same title based on the book)

Stroud Johnathan –

Sullivan Lulu – Lana Halliday

Sullivan Michael J. –

Sutherland Fae (with Marguerite Labbe) – Gladiator’s Master


Takami Koushun – Battle Royale, anachronist rameau

Tan Amy – The Joy Luck Club

Tartt Donna – Goldfinch (The) 

Taylor Laini –

Tenbrink Debbie S. – Warped Ambition (A Jo Riskin Mystery Book One)

Tey Josephine – The Daughter of Time (Inspector Alan Grant 05)

Tintera Amy – Reboot (Reboot 01)

Thomas Sean-Paul – Lust4Life

Thompson Tade – Rosewater

Thorp Roderick – Nothing Lasts Forever (Die Hard 01)

Thurman Rob – Chimera (The Korsak Brothers 01)

Tokarczuk Olga – Flights

Townsend Sue – Queen Camilla

Tracey Scott – Witch Eyes

Troisi Licia – Chronicles of the Emerged World Books 1-3 by  (Nihal of the Land of the Wind, Sennar’s Mission, The Talisman Of Power)

Turtledove Harry – The Videssoss series 01-04



Valente Catherynne M. –

Vincent Rachel – My Soul to Take (Soul Screamers 01)

Vine Barbara – The Grasshopper

Voinov Aleksandr –


Walker N.R. – Taxes & TARDIS

Walker Saskia – Harlot (The) (Taskill Witches 01)

Waltari Mika –

Ward J.R. – Black Dagger Brotherhood

Warr Tracey – Almodis the Peaceweaver

Warren, Rie – In His Command (Don’t Tell 01)

Watts Peter –

Wecker Helene – The Golem and the Jinni 

Weeks Brent – Way of Shadow (The) (Night Angel 01)

Weisberger Lauren – Devil Wears Prada (the)

Wellington David –

Wells Alex – Hunger Makes the Wolf

Wending Chuck – Mockingbird (Miriam Black 02)

West Holly – Mistress of Fortune

Westerfeld Scott –

Whalen Turner Megan –

Wilde Oscar – The Picture of Dorian Gray

Williams Jen – Copper Promise (The) (The Copper Cat 01)

Willingham Michelle – Tempted by the Highland Warrior (MacKinloch Clan 03)

Wilson Harriette – Memoirs of Harriette Wilson

Wine Mary – Highland Hellcat

Woodbury Irene – A Slot Machine Ate My Midlife Crisis

Wright Belart – Average Joe and Extraordinaries (Average Joe 01)


Yancey Rick –

Yates Maisey – The Petrov Proposal

Yocum Nathan L. – Strong Brain (The)

Young Mark – Revenge (a Travis Mays novel)


Zimmer Bradley Marion – The Mists of Avalon

Zusak Marcus – Book Thief (The)

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